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Doberman Pinscher Training

 Doberman Pinscher Training

Doberman Training
Doberman Pinscher Training

All elements of the family should touch the dog as it adapts to the collar and leash, eat in their individual bowl, sleeps in his own bed and when somebody calls his name. But there should be only one person responsible for the Doberman pinscher training. The workout routine establishes a strong link between you and your dog.

Arrange a bed for the private space of your Doberman pinscher and place it in a busy area of ​​the house, like a corner of the kitchen. Like the wolf, his ancestor, the dog likes the security of a place just for him, the equivalent of a den.

Whenever your dog nibbles, discipline him, saying firmly “no”. If, despite the warning, the dog insists in doing the same thing, grab him by the neck, with moderate force and painless, mimicking the gesture that the mother would do to punish her own Doberman puppies.

It is very probable that your dog will feel the necessity to do his needs after waking, eating or playing. If you see him sniffing the ground – a sign that he is about to relieve himself – take it to the place allocated for this purpose and tell him “fast”. Upon hearing the order will not delay and he will obey.

Treat your dog daily, not only keep him clean and healthy but also helps to reassert its authority over him. Pick up the dog, holding his head and open his mouth, are gestures that reinforce the dominant control.

The orders “come”, “sit” and “lie down” are the most important lesson you can teach your dog during your Doberman pinscher training, it allows you to keep it in check in all conditions. All dog owners must take responsibility for their pets, so that they do not disturb others. Do not forget to praise when your dog reacts well, it is a very important part of the Doberman pinscher training.

Train your dog to obey the order to come to you when he is alert and hungry. Divide the meal into ten portions and throughout the day, attract him to the food bowl by saying the dog’s name and the order “come”. When the dog approaches you, kneel down and praise him saying “nice dog” with enthusiasm, and give him food to reward his action.

Once your dog reacts well to your orders, teach him to sit. Call him showing him some food. When he reached it, move it slowly up over the animal’s head. The dog will tend to sit without taking his eyes away from the food. When you see that he has his legs bend back, order him to “sit”.

Do not let your dog pull on the leash. Besides being annoying for you, it can excite the animal and intimidate others. Try giving a little tug to the leash when the dog rushes forward. If no results, ordered him to sit. The owner and the dog should be always fully concentrated and the orders that you give to your Doberman pinscher should not be shouted.

Even the most gentle of dogs should only be presented to young children in the presence and under the supervision of an adult; also this adult should be the same person that is responsible for the Doberman pinscher training. Although appreciating the praises of adults, the dog could not be used to the faster movements and clumsiness of the children. Ask the children to pet the dog on the side. It never should pass his hand over his head because, for a canine, it is a gesture of dominant. Because children are smaller and less dominant than adults, are more at risk of being bitten.

Remember that, enjoying the love, loyalty and companionship of your Doberman pinscher, comes the obligation to respect not only the basic needs of the animal but also the quality of life of your family.

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