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Why You Must Be a Strong Leader for Your Pitbull

Why You Must Be a Strong Leader for Your Pitbull 

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Dogs are pack animals and therefore, understand and LIVE by pack structure. Because of this, dogs expect, and need, someone to be the pack leader. Hopefully this is YOU. As you know, pitbulls can be very strong and powerful dogs. They can also be quite strong willed as well. This is why they need a very strong and assertive leader – someone who is clearly in control.

Lack of good strong leadership in your pitbull’s life can cause some major problems!

As I’ve already mention, they expect and need someone to be the leader. If they do not have someone filling this role in their lives, they may very well develop some serious behavioral problems.



If your pitbull doesn’t see you as a strong leader, he may feel that HE needs to be the strong dominant leader.

If your pitbull doesn’t see you as the leader and doesn’t trust you to keep him safe, he may become insecure.

Either way, this can lead to either dominance or aggression issues or BOTH!

Neither one is good news.

If your dog feels the need to become the leader, he will probably develop dominance issues.  Someone needs to be dominant, if it’s not you, he may very well decide that he needs to do the job.

If he doesn’t trust you as a strong leader that will keep him safe, he may also feel the need to protect others in his “pack” (in other words, you and/or your family) and keep them safe (since he doesn’t trust you to do it) which may come across as aggressiveness toward anything he sees or feels is a threat.

This is why it is very important that you establish your leadership from Day 1, but there is a right and wrong way to do this.  Cesar Milan talks about being a calm, assertive leader (not a mean, physically pushy one).  If you’ve never heard of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, before you’ll probably find his huge library of free dog training tips extremely useful!

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