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Pit Bull Behavior And Socializing

 Pit Bull Behavior And Socializing

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From the very beginning of the society, man showed his propensity and strong affection towards animals. The everlasting bond between man and wild and domesticate animals highlight the sweet rapport and humanity. Man is rational animal therefore he has the heart to feel love and affection. So far as other irrational animals are concerned they are not able to express such love and affection without the assistance and interference of human beings. Therefore wild animals can be more friendly and intimate if they are given proper training and care.

So far as the Pit Bulls are concerned, they are ferocious and aggressive dogs and they can tear anyone into pieces. But with proper training of obedience, they can show love and affection in return. They prefer human association and friendship. Pit Bulls are considered to be one of the famous breeds of dogs. These Pit Bulls are also known as American Staffordshire terrier and American Pit Bull terrier. However those who are really interested to nestle these dogs must have some basic information about their nature and temperament. This type of information is very essential to make a rapport with the Pit Bulls. One should know that the average life expectancy of this breed is between 12 to 14 years. So far as the healthcare is concerned these dogs are often under the attack of some diseases like hip dysplasia, cataracts, allergy including parvo viral infection. There is no denying the fact that they are very much fond of spending time with human beings. They prefer human association and family. Therefore it is very easy to make them obedient and polite.

However without proper socialization one can face shortcomings to let them mingle with human society. The disadvantage of this dog is its tremendous aggressiveness. However this type of awkward hot temperament is basically byproduct of the antipathy and connivance followed by ignorance the owners show in taking care of these dogs. Often it is seen that due to aggressiveness many prefer to send them to Pit Bull rescue centers where they are taken care of. If the rescue center pays much attention to these dogs they must be obedient and well disciplined. One should be much careful when they let them play with children. They can pounce on children as they are little bit short tempered. In addition they don't like other dogs of the same sex. Therefore it will be better to isolate them from other dogs of same sex. Their attacking attitude can be detrimental to the protection of lives.

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