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Temperament of Pitbulls

 Temperament of Pitbulls

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Pit Bulls

People are of course always concerned about the apparent temperament of pitbulls. It is common belief that they are naturally aggressive killer; that they are specifically bred to be dangerous. Most of this is true. Pitbulls were bred for blood sport and dog fighting. When a dog was fighting however, if he ever turned on his owner or any other human, it was immediately euthanized and therefore the bloodline of that particular animal was not able to be carried down. Pitbulls, like all other dogs are borne from wild animals, and the instinct will never be bred out. While dogs can be loving, caring, loyal and placid – there is always the chance, no matter how small, that part of the instinct of the animal as carried down his blood line could show through revealing some unwelcome aggression.

Every breed of dog will have a different temperament, and it is important to know and understand your chosen breed’s history. While all pitbull lovers will go on about how perfectly tame, calm and social his or her pitbull is, the history of the dog will always remain meaning that the dog will fight if given the chance, and if he fights, he will win. There is also always the chance of aggression towards people, but I believe that is something that is inherent in all breeds. It may be a little worse in pitbulls because of their build and strength.

With enough love and care and correct training, you will be able to raise a near perfect animal who will serve you as their master for their entire life or yours. They are beautiful dogs who deserve nothing but the most caring and compassionate owners who ensure that their dog is given all it needs for a long and happy life.

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