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How to Teach your Australian Shepherd to Jump


 How to Teach your Australian Shepherd to Jump

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Teaching your Australian shepherd how to jump is a very important part of their training because it would help to burn their energy as these Australian shepherds are very energetic and if they don’t get proper exercise they are more likely to indulge in annoying and destructive activities.

It is also fun to see them jump and grab onto things. So if you have an Australian Shepherd but you can’t figure out how to get him to jump all you have to is follow the steps written below and be patient and soon you would be able to teach your dog how to jump.

Remember one thing about dog training whether it’s to jump or anything else it is better if you start it early. If your dog grows up it might be a little too late to teach him anything. The earlier you start the easier it would be for you.

Now the first part of training your Australian Shepherd to jump is to get his attention and to do that that you firstly need to gather some his favourite biscuits or any other treat he likes and put them in your pocket.

After that call out your dog’s name and once he comes tell him to sit.

Once he is settled down let him know about the biscuits or whatever treat you have got by either showing it to him or by making him smell it.

Once he knows you have something he would want to eat it so don’t just simply give it him instead raise it above him. Now how high can you raise it depends on how tall you rare but since it’s just the beginning I would suggest start at a lower height.

The next step is to tell your dog to jump.

If he does not understand, what you can do is jump yourself and tell your dog to jump.

Sooner or later he will understand and jump.

Once he does so praise him and give him whatever you have in your hand. This would encourage your dog and he would not mind jumping again

Be patient with your dog. He is not going to learn it in a day or to so make him practice every day. The more he practices the faster he will learn but make sure you don’t overdo it and also make sure you don’t make him jump up to high as that could result in a serious injury resulting in you having to spend a lot of money on surgery or any other treatment. So be careful.

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