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Weimaraner Dog Training Biting

 Weimaraner Dog Training Biting

Weimaraner Dog Training
Dog Training 

Some dog owners find that during their Weimaraner dog training biting may be an issue of some concern. It can be quite stressul making sure you are able to stop biting behavior altogether. Early biting is often just annoying or obnoxious, but as your dog ages it can start to become a danger to you and others. If your Weimaraner shows biting behavior you need to act quickly to stop it altogether.

Stopping Biting In Puppies

The easiest time to put a stop to biting is when your dog is still a puppy. Weimaraner puppies under six months old can be trained out of biting easily because this is still their formative stage of development.

A common issue here is that when young puppies nip at your hands, many people assume that they are only playing or teething and that this is OK behavior. What your pup is actually doing is learning to use its teeth to assert its dominance in the pack. To stop this developing into a problem you must address it as early as possible.

The best way to stop biting in your puppy is to mimic what would happen to your pup in an actual litter. When your pup bites, give it a light nip on the neck and make a loud whining sound to show that it hurts. You can also replace your hand with a toy to help show the pup that biting others is not acceptable behavior. If you continue to have problems stopping the nipping then I advise you go to obedeince classes or get hold of a trainer.

Stopping Biting at One Year

Once a Weimaraner puppy is let to show that it is in charge of the pack by nipping and biting, it will begin to move to play biting at around one year of age. Various things can make this situation worse. You need to immediately stop any physical games or dominance related play like tug of war or wrestling with your dog.

In addition to this you need to provide stronger boundaries by limiting your dogs run of your house and perhaps introduce crate training if you have not already done so. An obedience training program would also be very useful at this point.

Stopping Biting In an Adult Weimaraner

Stopping biting behavior once your Weimaraner becomes an adult is more difficult. If your dog has been allowed to continue biting then it will eventually evolve into a greater problem. Your Weimaraner will want to maintain its position as pack leader and may “turn” on you to achieve this. Remember this is natural dog behavior.

If nipping or biting occurs at any time after your weimaraner is one year old then you need to get professional help immediately. This situation is dangerous because your dog may decide to assert its pack dominance unexpectedly by attacking.

In order to stop a Weimaraner from developing biting problems later on in life it is best to begin training as early as possible. Apart from a very few dogs with disease or disorders, Weimaraners that bite in adulthood were simply not treated correctly as puppies and they could and should have had this behavior easily resolved.

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