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Training a Weimaraner 5 Easy Weimaraner Training Tips

 Training a Weimaraner 5 Easy Weimaraner Training Tips

Weimaraner Training
Weimaraner Dog Training 

If you have decided to take on the responsibility of training a Weimaraner, it really helps to understand some general concepts about dog training. A key concept in Weimaraner training tips is about knowing what your Weimaraner actually needs from you in a training situation, and then learning how to give it to them. First up, you need to avoid a common but false assumption that your dog is smarter than he really is.  In fact, your Weimaraner simply just reacts to you.  Your dog is an animal with animal instincts and wants to be accepted as part of the pack.  Accordingly, if you need to change any of their behavior, you need to focus on changing how they express their instincts rather than scolding or yelling at them because your dog cannot understand what you are saying and becomes confused and anxious. This anxious state is one to be avoided, especially with Weimaraners who are often prone to anxiety.

Core Tips for Training a Weimaraner

When starting to train your canine companion, there are a few basic concepts that can make training a Weimaraner much easier all round and every Weimaraner owner should think about using the following simple but effective ideas.

1. The Alpha Dog Role – The single most important Weimaraner training tip relates to the rank or position you hold in the Weimaraners domain. It is your responsibility to show your Weimaraner that you are the pack leader and are always in control of their environment. This allows your dog to relax, stop worrying about their own safety, and follow your commands. Remember your dog doesn’t know what you want unless you tell them, and they are not capable of understanding what you’re saying without a clear, practised command.

2. Crate Training – Using a crate gives your Weimaraner a special place to call their own and also relates to a den which is the natural shelter for dogs. They will come to love their crate! You will need to ensure you stay at home with your dog in their crate so they get accustomed to it. Make sure you do not use the crate for punishment and it can assist with house breaking, reducing barking and alleviating anxiety issues if they arise.

3. Leash Training – The majority of Weimaraners with leash issues are usually allowed to run around outside and pull. When using a leash, you need to teach your Weimaraner to reach a relaxed, controlled state. By doing this your dog will be able to respond to commands rather than expressing their excitement by pulling. Whenever your Weimaraner starts to pull the leash, immediately stop to sit and wait before starting to walk again. It will not take long for them to associate the sensation of pulling with the stopping of their walk!

4. Obedience Training – Obedience classes can offer some of the best Weimaraner training tips you’ll ever get.  If you have just got your new puppy or are experiencing trouble controlling your older Weimaraner, it may be worthwhile considering getting to an obedience class as a supplement to training at home. These classes help new owners to take up and maintain the alpha dog role in the house by displaying control over your new pup and giving them clear, specific commands.

5. The Importance of Consistency – Consistency and repetition is the one single thing that all Weimaraner training tips share. Weimaraners are intelligent dogs and will learn quickly, however they always learn best in response to a consistent and repeated command.  For example if you only ask them to sit before a walk occasionally, rather than every time, they will tend to become confused and anxious and will begin to ignore your commands. Once you decide on a rule, you must remain consistent with it and make sure everyone else in your household does to. Good training can often be just as hard or harder for you as it is for your dog! However the benefits of having a well-trained Weimaraner make it really worthwhile

Lastly but definitely not least, you should have fun with training a Weimaraner! They love to learn and this interaction strengthens the bonds between you.  Your dog will rely on you for most everything, so you need to have healthy training sessions as a part of your day along with regular exercise. Remember that your Weimaraner is reliant on you so take on the role of alpha owner and you will be rewarded with a loving and well behaved companion.