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 Training A Maltese Puppy

Maltese Puppy
Training Puppy

Whenever you attempt training a Maltese puppy, or any kind of puppy for that matter, clicker dog training is one off the most impressive and effective command methodss fo both dictating and controlling the behavior of a dog when trying to teach them commands on the basic level. Mastery of clicker training takes very little time, and a well operated clicker can be used to teach your dog almost anything.

The idea behind using a clicker for training a Maltese pupppy is a game of soumd association- your dog is learning to associate a specific command (given by you) with the sound of a clicker (a sound that is generally sharp and strong). This training has a goal of marking positive behaviors that are to be continued, and then rewarding the dog with the sound of the clicker.

As most would guess, training a Maltese puppy by way of the clicker does not start with the clicker itself. The dog must first be taught that the sound of the clicker is a positive reward. Using Pavlov’s law, one can teach the dog that the clicker is a good thing- a reward and a praise. By buying and using a cheap two-dollar clicker at the same time the dog is being given treats, for example, the dog will soon associate the clicking sound with a positive sensation. It is imperitive that the clicker be used in this way, as opposed to a verbal command, because the clicker will only be used for that reason. Verbal commands or statement may be given in a variety of situations and should thus be free of the association.

When training a Maltese puppy through clicker, there are three basic steps that should be taken. The first is sometimes the most difficult- find the behavior that you want, and convincing your dog to that behavior or action. Be it rolling over, sitting, speaking, other tricks, or even following a household rule, they must first do the action before any additional steps can be taken. The second step is using the clicker after the action is done, and the third step is rewarding them with a treat. A dog can usually get the associated memorized after only two or three clicks, but a safe number is four or five just to be safe. Verbal commandss take longer because they hear your voice many times, and take a while before they recognize the correct combination of syllables. The clicker is a distinct sound that they will not hear as often.

Once the dog has performed the preferred action and recieved their reward, reinforce the behavior as much as possible by continuing the pattern as much as possible. After the first several successful tries, you may wish to stop giving them treats every single time (as that would get rather expensive). Both petting and praise can work just as well, and can eventually replace the behavior altogether.