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Anti Bark Spray Collars
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Among the dog training products and dog training equipment available there may be various anti bark collars which are available for use in order to try to stop dog barking At the same time it should be noted that it can also be natural for a dog to bark when excited, frustrated or bored for instance. Similarly, when the dog is in guard dog mode it may want to convey a warning in the form of barking when visitors arrive. Other reasons a dog may also bark include to gain attention, or maybe out of fear or anxiety, or it may even be a sign that the dog is unhappy over something. It would seem neccessary then if one is unsure in any way to find out before using one if an anti bark dog collar is an appropriate option to stop dog barking depending on the particular circumstances and situations in which the barking occurs. A professional should hopefully be able to advise you further on the best dog training methods to use in such situations if you have any doubts or are in any way unsure.

Perhaps you have already consulted a professional and are satisfied you wish to purchase an anti bark dog collar. If this is the case you will either already know, or need to decide on which particular type to go for. Among the types of anti bark collars available you may find anti bark spray collars, anti bark collars which vibrate and the ultrasonic type of anti bark dog collars. Ultrasonic refers to the collars making a sound (ultrasound) which is above the levels of normal human hearing. In such instances the ultrasonic anti bark collar emits a frequency which will only be audible to the dog, the dog in turn associating the sound being triggered by it's barking. The dogs barking can activate the anti bark collars generally by either microphone or vibration. Some collars can employ both sound and vibration triggers together to reduce the chances of any extraneous noises triggering the collar inadvertently.