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Beagle Puppy Training

 Beagle Puppy Training

Beagle Puppy Training

Beagle puppy training is essential for any new owner of a Beagle puppy.

 Beagle Puppy Training

This training is needed to teach your new Beagle puppy all of the rules and commands that they will need to know and follow in their new home. There are several things to remember when you are training your Beagle.

Patience is very important, during training sessions and at other times, and expect mistakes to happen at first.

Housebreaking training will be much easier if you have a crate or kennel for your puppy, because puppies try not to go potty where they eat or sleep, so unless your puppy has been caged too long there should be no accidents.

Remember to take your puppy straight outside when you let them out of the cage, because they will have to go potty.

Beagle puppy training may include any special training needed for hunting. Many Beagle owners buy their puppies for rabbit hunting or other small game hunting, and kennel training is considered very helpful under these circumstances.

Some people believe that a hunting dog should always be outside, because being inside a house may dull the nose of the puppy and interfere with their hunting ability.

If this is the case, precautions should be taken that the puppy is not isolated and alone for long periods, with other dogs or people for socialization.

Make sure your puppy's basic needs are met, including food, water, shelter, and heat in cold weather, especially if they are outside.

Beagle puppy training should include basic obedience training, at the very least, whether you plan to keep your puppy inside the home or in an outside kennel.

This will help you keep control of your puppy in all situations. It is very important that you keep control at all times with your puppy, and hitting is never acceptable.

Only use positive reinforcement with your puppy, by giving praise freely when the dog performs correctly, as well as small pieces of kibble or other treat.

This training method is much more effective, and your puppy will surprise you by how quickly they learn. Hitting or yelling at your puppy will make them fearful, and this will cause any problem behavior to become worse.