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Training German Shepherd Puppies


 Training German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies
 Training  Puppies

German Shepherd puppies grow up to be big and strong dogs who can get to be quite stubborn and dominating when you let them get away with it. They need a firm and consistent leader that will guide them.

That’s why it’s important for you to know how to start training German Shepherd Puppies properly as German Shepherds should be trained as early as possible to make sure they grow up to be well-adjusted dogs.

When training German Shepherd puppies, you want to make sure that you do it correctly right from the start. German Shepherds come from a highly intelligent breed and in some ways this makes training puppies easier.

You may already have ideas on how to go about training your dog, but here are some tips to help the ride go even smoother.

Length of the training session. Sessions for training German Shepherd puppies must be kept to a reasonable length. It should be enjoyable for both the trainer and the trainee; you don’t want it to go beyond a point where focus and concentration are getting lost.

Grooming. German Shepherds shed hair, and a lot of it. So while your German Shepherds are still at a young age, get them used to being brushed and groomed. Otherwise, you might be setting yourself up for lots of exercise chasing your grown dog around the house with a brush.

When looking at your puppy, look it straight in the eyes. Your puppy will try to get your attention by staring you in the eyes. Communicating this way is important to a German Shepherd. You will be establishing a closer bond with your dog, this will help training easier.

Hand signals. When training German Shepherd puppies, you can use hand signals to go with verbal commands. This will come in handy when your dog is far from you and may not be able to hear you clearly, and also in some instances where you can’t speak or make any sounds. You may want to look for a training German Shepherd puppies book to help you with the right hand signals that you can use.

Start early. You can still teach old dogs new tricks but you’re going to be in for a hard time. The younger your puppy is when you start training it, the easier the training for both of you will be. You can start training German Shepherd puppies at about four months of age. You can even start bringing them to obedience or socialization classes.

In the cases of socialization with other dogs and people, it really is important to start early to avoid potential aggression problems as the puppy gets older.

Consistency. This is the most basic and yet the most important part of training so it bears repeating. Always be consistent. Use the same tone of voice, body language, hand signals, reinforcements, etc., to make sure it’s clear to your dog what you’re trying to communicate.

The actual process of training German Shepherd puppies is more in-depth and this list is meant to supplement your training to help make it easier for both you and your dog. With a little research, you can find more ways on how you can effectively train your German Shepherd.