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German Shepherd Training Tips


 German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training
dog training tips

Are you looking for basic German Shepherd training tips? Then you came to the right place. As a dog lover, I’ve been around this breed since birth.

My cousins even told me that the dogs were my actual parents, and that I was only adopted by humans. I can still remember crying every time they pointed that out.

But by realizing that I don’t have a tail made me think twice about it. Seriously though, the German Shepherd is one of the most widely used breeds in the world.

Because of its intelligence, it is used by both civilians and the military to assist them with everyday activities.  From playing the role of a regular house dog, to bomb sniffing, this breed can do it all.

Since we perceive dog intelligence as the ability of the animal to respond to our commands, proper training methods must be applied if you want your furry friend to come close to Jerry Lee (in reference to James Belushi’s German Shepherd in the movie K-9)

Basic German Shepherd Training Tips

Before I start giving you the tips, I would like to point out that German Shepherd puppy training tips, are no different from that of German Shepherd training tips used on a more mature dog.


This is the first thing every dog owner teaches his or her dog. This is how you should go about doing the first of three basic German Shepherd training tips I have on here. Hold the leash short, and stand your dog to your left.

Then in a firm tone, give the command to sit. As you issue the command, pull the leash up lightly, while pushing down his behind. Make sure that your dog does not stand up, nor lie down as you do this.

If the response is slow, apply more force in pulling the leash until your dog obeys. Once he reaches a sitting position, let him hold the position for a bit and praise him afterwards.


Before training your dog the down command, make sure that it already has the sit command dialed. German Shepherd training tips, just like Rottweiler training tips and Doberman training tips were designed to be applied in stages.

This is to ensure continuity, and to lessen confusion for your pet.First, command your dog to sit. From that position, reach out to his or her legs and pull it slowly towards you. Give the command “down” just before the dog reaches a lying position.

Once the dog is in the specified position, let him or her remain in that state for a bit. Afterwards, praise your dog for a job well done.


Your dog must be beside you in a sitting position. By holding the leash in one hand, move a step away from him. Turn and face your dog with the palm of your free hand inches from his nose, and give the command ”stay”.

Again you should do this in a firm tone. If your dog does an action besides the one you want him or her to do, pull on the leash and make the furball return to a sitting position. Once your dog does the command correctly, another round of praise is in order.

Dog training is based between the willingness of the pet to please his master, and the master’s patience to teach train his or her pet. The basic German Shepherd training tips I gave you will only work if you are serious about training your pet.

So don’t cut corners, and have a little patience.