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Top Dog Obedience Tips


Top Dog Obedience Tips 

Dog Obedience Tips
 Dog Tips

Do you love your dog but not the annoying habits he’s picked up?  It’s time to start training!  Training your dog or puppy can help you build a better relationship, as well as teach him acceptable behavior.  While it does take time and effort, these great dog obedience tips will help get you on your way to great behavior:

* Be consistent.  This is one of the most important tips for dog training.  Your dog needs to be corrected every time he engages in an undesirable behavior.  For instance, if you don’t allow him to sit on the couch but only reprimand him for doing it half the time, he won’t learn that it is unacceptable.

* Keep it short.  Dogs have very short attention spans – with ten minutes being the maximum that they can focus.  Keep your training sessions short and frequent to make sure your dog doesn’t get bored or distracted.  This will give you optimal results.

* Crate train. One of the most at home dog training tips is to crate train.  Dogs like to feel safe and secure in their own place, and crates let them do this.  The benefits are enormous: it helps with housetraining, separation anxiety, excessive chewing, and more.

* Get moving.  Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise throughout the day is one of the most important tips on dog training you can implement.  Often, bad behavior is caused by boredom or inactivity.  You can combat this by allowing your dog frequent walks or trips to the park.  Even playing a game of fetch in the yard for ten minutes is excellent.

* Have fun. No list of effective dog obedience tips would be complete without this one.  Having fun is key.  Dogs are more likely to respond well if they enjoy the activity and the interaction with you.  What is training to you is playing to them, so use that to your advantage; you have a very receptive audience.  Don’t get frustrated if you have to reteach skills.  They’ll eventually get it and will learn faster if they feel safe and loved.

* Praise, praise, and more praise.  Tell your dog when he does something well.  Pat him on the head and say, “Good dog!” Give him a treat.  Dogs respond very well to praise and rewards, which will make training him easier.

Where can you find more easy dog training tips?  There are lots of great dog training tips online for you to check out, and there are also programs available for download that can allow you to start training your dog today.  For instance, Dove Cresswell, a Hollywood dog trainer, offers a seven part course that will teach your dog: housetraining, crate training, walking on a leash, good manners, and special tricks.  The program also offers you invaluable dog obedience tips.  Who better to get advice from than someone who trains dogs to be on television and respond to cue?

Training your dog is a rewarding experience for both of you.  If you have always wanted a dog that comes running when you call, sits on command, or walks right beside you on a leash, use these dog obedience tips to get the best results.  Good luck!