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Training a German Shepherd

 Training a German Shepherd

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Dog Training

Training A German Shepherd: The right way of doing it

Training a German Shepherd puppy, or even a mature one is not difficult as long as you know how to effectively use German Shepherd training techniques.

Any problem a person encounters can be solved by analyzing the problem, and looking for the most rational approach to resolve it.

In training a German Shepherd, the first thing a trainer needs is to do is to develop his or her patience.

Since the effectiveness of the training process solely depends on the trainer, he or she must have the patience to endure the whole process, while at the same time making sure that it won’t be a traumatic experience for the dog.

Train your German Shepherd to obey, and not fear you

The common mistake in dog training is the use of verbal and/or physical force. Though this approach does show results, the psychological effect on the dog is that of fear.

Those that use harsh methods in German Shepherd obedience training end up with a dog that although follows its master, can be very violent to other people. Let me tell you a story to explain my point further.

When I was young, one of our German Shepherd pups was left at our farm to serve as a guard dog. Since we were not there to supervise, the caretakers resorted to crude training methods.

When we went back to the farm after a few months, we saw a dog that was totally different in terms of personality to that of his siblings. We saw a dog that was very territorial, and was very wary of other people.

Compared to one of its brothers which we brought along, the one left at the farm showed more aggression. In a community setting, this increased aggressive behavior can become a huge issue.

So again, use a more humane approach in German Shepherd obedience training.

Training a German Shepherd: How To’s Training a German Shepherd to know its name

Take your dog to an area with little to no distractions

Say the name of your dog out loud clearly. Once your dog makes eye contact with you, praise and reward him or her with a treat. If your pet makes eye contact but then turns away, praise it but do not give any treats.

Continue the process until your dog starts to recognize his or her name.

Always reward your dog with a treat when it follows your command.

Training a German Shepherd how to sit

Train your dog right after it finished a meal. Dogs trained on a full stomach are known respond better.
Again, find an area that is free of distraction.

With the use of a doggie treat, put your closed fist with the treat inside right above his nose. With your free hand, slowly push his or her backside down while simultaneously giving the command sit in a firm voice.

Repeat the method until your dog recognizes the command, and the action he or she needs to do.
Always reward your dog with a treat when it follows your command.

Training a German Shepherd how to lie down

Start with calling your dog’s name to call his or her attention.

First, give your dog the command to sit. From that position, gently grab the front paws of your dog towards you while giving the command lie down. Make sure that you give the command before the dog gets into the position.

Praise your dog and give it a treat.

Repeat the process until your dog becomes familiar with it.
I hope these basic German Shepherd training tips will help you develop your dog into a well behaved pet. In training a German Shepherd, always keep in mind that this breed is considered as a regal one.

And with the loyalty and protection this dog breed is known for, please use humane training methods.