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Electric Dog Training Collars


 Electric Dog Training Collars

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Dog Training

Electric dog training collars are controversial.  They have a small electronic device attached to the collar through which the owner can use to remotely send a mild shock to the dog to modify behaviors like digging, chewing, jumping, or barking.  Many people think that training with electric dog collar is inhumane because of the shock.  To dispel that idea, the “shock” on modern electric dog training collars is an unpleasant correction, more akin to a vibration or vibrating sound than an electric shock.  Advances in technology have made these collars safe and effective.

When you are in the process of training your dog, electric training collars can be very beneficial.  They work by having the dog associate a behavior, like barking, with an unpleasant side effect.  Soon, they learn to avoid the behavior in order to avoid the unpleasant sound or sensation.  For those people considering using electric dog training collars, safety is the first priority. Here are some tips to make using the collar a positive experience for everyone.

* Make sure the collar fits correctly.  When you purchase your collar, make sure you get information on how to put it on properly.  As with any collar that is ill-fitting, it can rub and irritate the dog’s skin.

* Don’t use the collar to teach your dog new commands.  For instance, he won’t naturally know how to sit so sending him a corrective vibration won’t be effective if he doesn’t get it the first few times.   This is why you should use electric collars for dog training: puppies should be taught the commands without the use of a collar at first.

* Save the electric collar for after basic training and to supplement lessons you have already taught the dog and which he should know.

* There are different levels of intensity in the collars.  Make sure you set yours on the lowest that the dog responds to.  Too low and he won’t notice it; too high and it may get scared.  The level to aim for is “mildly uncomfortable.”

* Don’t use the collar unless necessary or for longer than necessary.  For instance, if your dog is not coming to you when you call, you can give him a little shock.  The second he starts to come, stop.

* Use electric dog training collars with other proven methods of dog training, such as praising and rewarding, as well as spending quality time with your dog.  You will find this increases the efficacy of the collar and eventually you are able to phase it out.

Electric dog training collars can be a valuable tool if you use them properly.  Make sure to receive instruction on how best to use the collar before you put it on your dog.  If used as part of your training program, these collars should allow you to see results faster.