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Importance Of Showing Obedience Training Your Dog

 Importance Of Showing Obedience Training Your Dog

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Obedience Training

As you all know that dogs are the friendliest pets that we can keep at home. They can really misbehave a time when they are not well trained and most of the times they behave like angels. And that’s why people say that dogs are man’s best friend. Well as much as this is true, no dog can follow instructions without being trained. Once you show obedience training your dog, you are sure to have a best friend at the end of the day.

Below are some of the Important facts of teaching obedient training to your dog:-


When you are training your dog it is important to make the dog understand that you are the boss. This way you can be able to have a good communication between you and your dog. This can only be met when you practice obedience training your dog. there are various aspects when it comes to training your dog. You need to always be able to notice every little thing that the dog does and show appreciation and a little reward for the dog to be able to have the urge to learn faster. If you notice any negative behaviors you need to make them know that it is not good at all. Always show affection to your pet in order to make they depend on you and to obey you.


For one to be able to practice patient while training the dog, mostly for inexperienced persons they need to take some dog training lessons accompanied by their dogs. The classes are also good for the dogs to have tolerance as they are able to know how to adapt to any situation and also they will be able to mingle with other dogs. And this will greatly help them learn faster when there is competition. It is also important for the dogs to be able to know how to leave with other people other than the people they are used to. Having obedience training your dog should be practiced at all time even if you are in training school or at home as well as help your dog to tolerate different kind of people.


The signals that are used during training should be applied even at home and you need to learn your dog well, so that if the dog is slow learner you need to be patient and obedience all the time when training your dog. If you don’t show obedience then your dog might rebel because these dogs are just like us human beings. There are some signals that they can be able to master faster than the others and others they seem to get slowly but don’t you worry patient pays. Just have obedience training your dog and all shall be well. You should also be able to use your own signals to train the dog and if you combine this with the once you had in the training lessons the you are guaranteed good result, bearing in mind that changing signal for each action might bring confusion to the pet.

Time Cautious and Cleanliness

If you train your dog well then the dog will be able to know what time they are suppose to eat they know what time they are suppose to sleep and also when to use the bathroom this is important as the dog will remain clean all the time. A well trained dog knows where exactly they are suppose to as the toilet compared to untrained dog which releases themselves anywhere making the whole place to be dirty and messy. Therefore if you practice obedience training your dog then you will not be able to have problem with anyone concerning your dog’s cleanliness.