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Dog Obedience Training Certification

Dog Obedience Training Certification

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Obedience Training

 Why Obtain A Dog Obedience Training Certification?

The credibility in any domain is verified by the acquisition of necessary credentials. To train a dog for obedience only requires having the skill and knowledge. There are no specific government requirements for opening a business as a dog trainer besides the actual income tax contribution but with a dog obedience training certification, you have an advantage of being considered more professional by customers and have the opportunity to seek employment at veterinary offices or other offices or organization that have the need to use a dog for special tasks.

A certification attests that you have the knowledge and qualification in dog training methods. It also reassures clients or potential employers that you use the best dog training method and are aware of issues and controversies related to the matter.

Types of Dog Training Certification

The courses that you take can offer you different certificate depending on the subject learned. A comprehensive study in dog training can award you the certificate of Canine Training Specialist. Other qualification titles could be: dog behavior diploma, security dog handler award, basic dog training for the pet owner certificate of attendance.

To obtain a certificate you need to attend an academy which offers a specific program. The duration of any course can be weeks sometimes even months. Most programs depend on you want to pace the curriculum to fit around your other activities. You therefore have the flexibility to attend classes at your convenience.  The cost for a certificate varies and depends on the type of certification you want to achieve. Dog obedience training certification cost can range between $2,900 to $3,700 depending on each academy. As a qualified dog trainer the average expected salary is about $30,000 on a yearly basis.

What you need to know about acquiring a dog training certification

The Association of Pet Dog Trainer (APDT) regulates the standards for dog training certificate and provides a means for dog trainers to express any grievances or concerns related to their profession. To qualify by APDT as a dog trainer, a person must have at least a certificate from their approved list of certificates which is reviewed each year. There are other government approved bodies that certifies dog trainer depending of the country or region you want to obtain the training.

To improve your knowledge and continue to be kept up-to-date on relevant issues concerning dog obedience training certification after graduation, it is necessary to continue and attend conferences, workshops and seminars. Attending such event especially after graduation can give you an advantage if you plan on looking for a job. Many organizations even though they require a certification do ask for adequate hands-on experience. Such organizations are mostly wary of certifications obtained through on-line studies.

A dog trainer profession can as noted be very rewarding; not only can you find employment at animal shelters, kennels and pet stores, and other organizations and institutions, you also have the opportunity to open your own business or even dog training school.

To find a good dog training academy, you need to do your homework. Do not just enroll at an academy because it is expensive and you think it must provide quality training. As a matter of fact, when it comes to education, price is only a factor of convenience that sometimes does not reflect the dedication and teachers have to teach their student in the most efficient manner.

Online search can give you an idea of different programs of various academies. You can also compare prices of dog obedience training certifications. Certainly there are many academies and choosing one would not give you less knowledge and training than the other despite price differences. The choice almost depends on your preferences.