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Puppy School-Dog Obedience Training

Puppy School-Dog Obedience Training

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Obedience Training

 Stages Involved in Puppy School-Dog Obedience Training.

The term obedience is basically a way of showcasing one’s behavioral elements. Training puppies to be obedient to their masters is crucial aspects when someone has pets in his homestead. Once the puppy undergoes the obedience training it will be able to learn how to associate with other dogs and the people living with it in the same surroundings.  Puppy school-dog obedience training is an important step a person should take to help its dog adapt in the environment.

Here are the stages of puppy training which include:

Basic Stage

In this first stage of puppy obedience training, young dogs are able to learn some basic elements of how to stay in different environments. The trainer is able to teach the puppy some good behaviors in terms following the instructions given to it by his master. Normal elements like sitting down, sleeping or eating are covered in this stage. The puppy also learns how to socialize with different people and other pets that are found in the surrounding and how to cope up with other new environments away from the normal one.

Intermediate Stage

At this stage of the puppy school dog obedience training, the trainer puts more emphasis on the things learned in the primary stage. The trainer ensures that the puppy masters all the behaviors necessary for it to stay and fit in different environments. Intermediate puppy obedience stage is usually important most especially for the dogs which are trained in special way for example; the police dogs that are usually trained to perform duties in matters of security whereby they engage in investigation matters. These special or private dogs are trained strictly and those that are unable to meet the required standards from the first stage of puppy training are eliminated from that private section and trained as any other ordinary dog.

Advanced Stage

In this particular stage a lot of things are required to take place. In other words they can call it the development stage, in that the puppy can perfectly be able to learn, perform and act in a unique way. Here the puppy is also able to differentiate what is good and bad, wrong and right be it in the new places or in the normal place of residence. At this advance stage the dog is able to undergo very tough and more challenging obedience training in order to enable it to gain unique behaviors that will eventually make the people to always want to be near it all the time. Having or associating with a well trained dog in a person’s environment is good to the fact that; it will prevent the dog from getting any internal or external harm. For example puppy school-dog obedience training helps the puppy not to accept anything from the stranger which might harm it.

Competitive stage

At this stage, things are very critical in that the dog is now supposed to behave maturely. The puppy can be able to do or perform so many tactics like jumping from one place to the other, can be able to chase and catch any harmful creature that might come around, it is able to do other stuff like acting or in other words it can be able to perform some competitive activities for example swimming. At this particular stage the puppy is able to use all senses it has in that the communication part of it is the one that is so crucial. The puppy school-dog obedience training therefore has to enable the dog to have a competitive edge in its life.