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Best Dog Obedience Training Methods

Best Dog Obedience Training Methods

What are the best dog obedience training methods?
Obedience Training

 Apply The Best Dog Obedience Training Methods

Training your dog has as objective obtaining obedience and making your dog more behaved. There are many different methods of training. There is no certainty as to which is the best dog obedience training method yet in recent years the tendency has been more aimed at positive reinforcement methods. The method that you use will in part depend on how responsive the dog is with each method.

There are basically three training different training methods that can be applied. Each method has been proven to provide results. Discussions on which method is most efficient mainly results from the fact that certain training methods are considered to be punitive and painful by those concerned with animals welfare.

Positive Reinforcement Training Method

Using positive reinforcement has to do with rewarding your dog for action considered to be good. The method works by having the dog associate good behavior with a reward. The reward can be a treat, a toy or some attention. For it to be effective, the reward must be given a few second after the dogs’ good behavior. As a best dog obedience training method, positive reinforcement is highly regarded by expert. The method has been proven to be very efficient. Some critics almost suggest that offering the dog a reward for good behavior is actually teaching the dog bad habits to expect a reward each time it does a positive action. The dog models its actions in the expectation of a reward whenever it feels as such.

Traditional Training Method

Traditional training method does not reward the dog instead it involves using corrective measures to teach the dog good behavior. In contrast with positive reinforcement, the traditional method punishes the dog for bad behavior. Usually giving commands such as “no”, refusing to give a reward and physical correction sends the message to the dog that its action has not been appreciated. Traditional method makes use of tools such as electric collars, prong collars, cages and other punitive tools. This method although effective to stop the dog from repeating bad behavior is considered to be cruel by many from the humane society. Dog trainers are as such less frequently using the traditional method and are more inclined to offer reward for good behavior.

Dominance-Based Training

Dominance based cannot be considered as the best dog obedience training method but many who adhere to such a school of taught thing that dogs are pack animals and respond to a specific leader considered the alpha male. They believe that your dog regards you as being part of the pack. If the dog is unresponsive to your commands it probably means that they do not consider you as being the dominant figure in the pack. You therefore need to assert your authority by punishing the dog for bad behavior or refusing to give a treat.


Many dog trainers recommend to give the dog obedience training first if you want it to behave well. When giving reward based training, you should not punish the dog for bad behavior or you may risk cutting any progress that you have made. After the training is complete, do not stop immediately the reward but ease off gradually so as not to frustrate the dog.

The best dog obedience training method will depend much on your dog’s behavior. Even though positive reinforcement is highly regarded, many trainers think that dogs that are excessively brutal or overly disruptive would much better be trained by the traditional method. It is not almost recommended to mix training methods. A well behaved and obedient dog can be a lot of fun. Dogs although are very playful and should be encouraged to play and discover.