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House Training Maltese


 House Training Maltese

Training Maltese
Dog Training 

House training Maltese is a very common problem for people who choose to own or take care of the cute cuddly balls of small fluff. The main problem is known as “small dog syndrome”- simply because the puppy is small and cute, they are allowed to get away with the problem. If the Maltese were larger and more rambunctious (and thus, the presents left behind were larger and more odorous), they would not be able to get away with their improper waste disposal!

So how then does one go about house training Maltese puppies? First, you must realize that all dogs, Maltese especially, are incredibly quick learners and possess more intelligence than is first seen. A good stepping stone in house training Maltese is actually making sure they are socialized well. Believe it or not, a sociable dog is more aware of its surroundings- thus, it is less likely to poop in other people’s space. This should be done while they are young, so they can quickly become accustomed to socialization. Otherwise, you may have aggression problems as well.

The next step is to try crate training. With the proper crate and the proper technique, a dog will quickly learn that the crate is their space- a dog will generally not dispose of waste in their own small space that they have to stay in for extended periods of time. When left in the crate for a certain amount of time, they should then be removed and place in a location where it is safe to urinate, such as outside or on a pile of newspapers. They will soon associate the location with the urge to dispose of waste, and will eventually take themselves to this location when they have the urge to spring a leak.

House training Maltese doesn’t solely end here though! They must also be taught that disposing waste in a bad location is not a desirable behavior. While still being caring and gentle, use a firm “No” when you see them pooping in a bad location. This will let them know that what they just did is not desirable. When authority is properly exerted over them, they will learn to respect your commands and wishes. Where and where not to relieve themselves is one such command. It may take several tries before they get the message, but consistency and regularity are important when trying to house train them.