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German Shepherd Potty Training

 German Shepherd Potty Training

German Shepherd Training
Dog Training

German Shepherd house training should begin as soon as you take your puppy home if you don’t want to have any problems with having a pup in the house.

German Shepherd potty training is an important part of the German Shepherd housebreaking process. These dogs take very well to training so as long as you carefully and consistently follow training procedures, you won’t have a lot of problems housebreaking your puppy.


Just remember that during a puppy’s early years, it’s going to need a lot of attention and care. So be sure that you’re there for your dog to see that housebreaking is done right.

Keep in mind that the difficulty of German Shepherd potty training will depend largely on the amount of time you have working with it. But remember, not all puppies are the same, so the time needed for proper German Shepherd potty training won’t always be the same.

As soon as your puppy gets home, introduce it briefly to his new home and surroundings. Let it drink some water and take it outside immediately to let it relieve itself. You should already have picked a place for him even before you bring him home so that you can take him there right away.

Your spot of choice for German Shepherd potty training is important as it can affect the whole training process. Your puppy should feel comfortable with the spot that you have chosen.

Be patient while you wait for your puppy to finish. This is an important part of German Shepherd potty training so don’t rush it. Your puppy is experiencing new things and he’s in a new environment, so relieving himself may take a while.

Don’t play with your puppy during this time, he might get confused as to what he’s there to do as he doesn’t exactly know you want him to relieve himself in the first place.

    When the little furball finally is done doing its thing, praise him excitedly and take him inside immediately.


After that, take him to the same spot and give a verbal command to encourage him like “go potty” or whatever is easy for you to say. Just make sure that you are consistent with your command and the whole potty training process so that your puppy can easily associate the command with relieving itself in its spot.


German shepherd crate training is recommended if you can’t always be with your puppy during the housebreaking process. He needs his own safe haven where he can relax and feel safe when you aren’t nearby.

Constant attention is needed during a puppy’s early years to avoid it developing any anxiety-related problems when it becomes mature.

Proper German Shepherd potty training will ensure that you have a well-adjusted dog that you can easily take anywhere without you having to worry that it might leave some “gifts” around. Be kind to your puppy during the potty training stage, you wouldn’t want to be hit or yelled at when you’re about to go, would you?

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