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 Riding in a Car

training your dog to ride in the car

Dog training your dog to ride in the car is easy and can make vacations and trips to the vet peaceful and fun. Most dogs adore riding in the car. They start wiggling and wagging are the sound of jingling car keys. However, some dogs fear riding in the car. They may shiver and even get car sick. Most of the time, this can be corrected by dog training and introducing your dog to the car. Dog training for riding in the car helps your dog associate the car with things your dog loves.

Consider the following steps in dog training your dog to ride in the car:

  • Take your dog to your car and encourage him to sniff around. Open the car door and sit in the backseat. Coax your do to join you inside the car, but if he will not, leave him outside the car. Praise him for every dog training advancement he makes. Continue with the introduction until your dog is sitting in the car with you. Keep the doors open and pet and praise him liberally. Once your dog is comfortable in the car, close the car doors and praise him. Make inside the car a positive place.

  • Once you think your dog is ready to go for a ride, do not give your dog food or water for several hours before leaving. This dog training technique is helpful if he gets sick in the car. It will not be as traumatic for him or as messy for you.

  • Let your dog jump in the car on his own and drive slowly around the block. During the first few dog training trips, always drive and then come right back home. This way your dog learns that the car will always bring him home. After returning home, give your dog praise, treats, and playtime.

  • When your dog is comfortable with the short trips around the block, continue your dog training by stopping somewhere. Consider stopping at a park where your dog can get out of the car to play and sniff. Stay only for about five minutes before returning home. Slowly increase the distance and amount of time out of the car before returning home.

  • Once your dog is excited about riding in the car, introduce a command word or phrase, such as “Want to go for a ride?” Do not jingle your keys as a command or your dog will run to the car everytime he hears the car keys, whether they are jingling for him or not.

  • Keep safety in mind when your dog is in the car. Consider a safety harness, available at pet supply stores, to keep your dog secure in the car. Never let your head hang his head out of the window and do not drive with your dog in the back of a pick-up truck. Dogs who hang their head out of the window are pront to eye and ear problems and dogs in the back of pick-ups is dangerous and illegal in many places.

Use praise and encouragement when dog training your dog to ride in your car. It is fun to jump in the car with your best friend and go for a ride.