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Dog Training Supplies

 Dog Training Supplies

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Dog training supplies are important to have on hand when bringing home a new puppy. You want everything to be ready when your new puppy comes home and being prepared with dog training supplies beforehand helps. The following dog training supplies will keep your new puppy's arrival fun and simple.

General dog training supplies for a puppy include:

  • Food and water dishes that cannot be turned over

  • Soft, washable bedding

  • Quality, nutritious puppy food

  • Safe dog chew toys. Do not choose stuffed toys with plastic eyes, plastic noses, or other pieces that may fall off because your puppy may swallow them. Only buy stuffed toys specifically designed for dogs. Rawhide bones, rubber chew toys, and rope toys are usually good choices.

General obedience dog training supplies include:

  • A comfortable collar of appropriate size. It should be loose enough to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog, but tight enough so it does not pull over your dog's head when tugged.

  • A training leash. It should be at least six feet long and made of nylon or leather. Avoid leashes made of metal chain.

  • Healthy dog treats. Bite-sized treats are best for puppies.

  • Safe dog chew toys.

General dog training supplies for housebreaking include:

  • Paper towels and floor cleaning supplies to clean up “accidents.” You may also want a product for pet odors.

  • An adjustable baby gate for confining your puppy to certain areas of your home.

General dog training supplies for crate training your puppy include:

  • A safe metal or plastic crate, or kennel, large enough for your dog to grow into. It should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in when they are “full grown.” If you do not know how big your dog will be when fully grown, use your best judgment and keep in mind that if the crate is too small you may have to buy another one when your dog is grown.

  • A water dish that mounts into a dog crate or a water dish that cannot be turned over

  • Soft, comfortable, washable bedding. Consider placing a towel underneath the bedding to help soak up any “accidents.”

  • Safe dog chew toys

You may need more dog training supplies, but the dog training supplies on this list will help get you started on the right track with your new puppy.