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 Dogs That Dig

dogs that dig the most

Dog training can help save the yards of those with dogs that dig. It is healthy and natural for a dog to dig. While it is important to let your dog dig, it is also important to try to control their digging with dog training for the sake of your flowerbeds and vegetable garden.

If your yard is a major concern, think about the breed of dog before choosing one. Dog breed plays a big part in digging. Consider checking with a veterinarian to avoid breeds prone to digging. Dog training may not work with breeds, like terriers, prone to digging. Because it is hard to know the heritage of a mixed-breed dog, it is possible a mixed-breed will be a digger, too. You can increase the odds of avoiding a digger, but every dog is an individual regardless of breed, so even with careful choice you could end up with a digger no matter what.

Before dog training to prevent digging, it is helpful to know why dogs dig in the first place. The most common reasons include:

  • Boredom
  • Desire to Escape From a Fenced Yard
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Separation Anxiety

The dog training solutions to these causes of digging are fairly simple. If your dog is bored, give him interactive toys or something to do. If your dog is an escape artist, consider crating or giving him a toy to keep his attention while you are gone. If your dog suffers from a lack of exercise, take him for more walks or play fetch with a tennis ball in the backyard. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, wear him out before leaving your house so he naps while you are away.

If you are unable to stop your dog's digging with the above dog training remedies, the following ideas may help you gain better control over it.

  • Do not allow your dog into restricted “digging” areas without supervision. If you do not want your dog to dig in the vegetable garden, do not allow him access.

    • If opting for a sandbox, choose or build a deep one and fill it with sand, soil, and place leaves on top. Scratch the ground and encourage your dog to dig in the box.

    • If opting for a corner of your yard, make sure the digging boundaries are clear to your dog.

  • Give your dog an appropriate place to dig. Totally eradicating your dog's digging with dog training is pretty unrealistic. Your dog may “grow out” of digging, but if he is a digging breed, it is in his genes. Allocate a corner of your yard or set up a sandbox for your dog. Consider burying treats in the designated area for your dog to dig up.

When dog training your dog where to dig, encourage and praise him for digging in the sandbox or designated area. If your dog digs in an “off-limits” area, correct him appropriately and then redirect him to the designated area where you should encourage him to dig and praise him. Dog training for digging is effective when approached correctly.