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Dog Training Mistakes

 Dog Training Mistakes

dog potty training mistakes

Dog training mistakes are common, but are easy to prevent. The first step to avoiding dog training mistakes is to realize that your dog is a dog. His behavior may be inappropriate, unpredictable, and even downright embarrassing. That is part of what makes a dog your adorable best friend.

If you are not getting the desired results from your dog training efforts, you may be making dog training mistakes. Look at the following before deciding if you have made dog training mistakes.

  • You and Your Training Method - Are you consistently using proper dog training techniques? Is the training method you have chosen appropriate for your dog? Have you chosen a flawed technique that is prone to dog training mistakes?

  • The Breed of Your Dog - Some breeds are just not born followers. They have a mind of their own, making them difficult to train. Dog training mistakes are inevitable with certain breeds.

If you are confident in your training method and with the trainability of your dog, there are ways to make dog training easier and more productive. Consider avoiding the following common dog training mistakes.

  • Not Paying Attention to Feelings and Emotions - This dog training mistake carries over into everyday life. By paying attention to your dog's feelings and emotions, you can learn to “read” your dog. By “reading” your dog, you will know how to get the most out of training sessions. If your dog is yawning or looking away, he may be bored with the current activity. By doing something else, you may regain your dog's attention. If your dog seems reluctant, he may be afraid and in need of extra support.

  • Over Controlling - Being over controlling one of the dog training mistakes that will shut down your training quickly. Being a perfectionist about dog training will set you up for a hard time training your dog. No one likes an overbearing control freak - not even a dog.

  • Rewards - Giving rewards to your dog during training by providing treats is important. The treats motivate your dog to follow your commands. You can also give rewards in the form of praise. This is one of the dog training mistakes common to people who feel they are “bribing” their dog instead of “training” their dog.

  • Training Too Often and Too Repeatedly - Do not over train or be repetitious in training. By repeating the same training methods and exercises repeatedly will bore your dog. Short training sessions with plenty of different exercises will keep your dog's interest and help you avoid this dog training mistake.