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Dog Behaviour Training Tricks

 Dog Behaviour Training Tricks

dog obedience training tricks

"He may be clean at home but he will be tempted to misbehave in strange places."

Dog Behaviour Training Tricks


Carefully place a small object, like an old glove, a leather wallet or the handle of a small basket, in your dog's mouth and flatter him with "Aren't you smart!" Scratching his back will also help teach your dog to carry.


Never take things from your dog by pulling. When you want him to let go, take hold of the object with one hand and say "Out!" If he won't give it up, surprise him with a little cuff on the nose with the free hand. When he drops what he is holding, praise him and pat him.


Hold something to eat above your dog's head and teach him to dance. When he stands on his back legs to reach the food, say "Dance!" and move your hand in a circle to make the dog pivot. After he turns, give him the food and praise him.


Make your dog sit in front of a low bench. Place his front paws on the bench. Say "Prayers!" and gently push his head down. At the same time, offer him food between his front legs. Release him with "Amen!" or "O.K.!"


Place a ball or a piece of dog biscuit on your dog's nose between his eyes. Tell him "Wait!" After a moment or two tell him "O.K.!" and see if he can catch it. This trick may take a lot of practice.


Take advantage of your dog's natural ways to teach additional tricks. When he stretches, say "Take a bow!"


When he barks or sniffles, put your finger in the air and say "Speak!" or "Sneeze!" It won't take long for your dog to learn that whenever he makes a noise he will get a reward.