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Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

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When you train your dog obedience at six months, you need a chain slip collar for the big strong dog.

A chain leather one or a nylon slip collar for the small dog or the puppy.

You need a leash a foot longer than you are tall. Get one with a strong snap. The pinch kind may open by accident. Get a leash made of flat leather. A round one or a chain leash will hurt your hands.

Simple commands of "Come," "Sit," and "Lie down" should be taught at three to four months of age. Your puppy will learn very quickly to come when he is called if every time he answers the call, he receives a pleasant reward such as a piece of meat, dog candy, or a word of praise.

He will quickly learn the command "Sit" if his head is held high and a little pressure is applied to his hindquarters. He will learn the meaning of "Lie Down" if you press on his shoulders and pull down on his collar. When you do these things, keep telling the puppy that he is a "Good Boy."

The young puppy should learn not to pull on the leash. Use an ordinary leather collar for this training and tug gently on the leash until the puppy learns not to pull ahead.

Know Your Dogs Temperament

Handle the shy dog gently. Gain his confidence through encouragement and praise. Pep up the lazy worker. Move quickly yourself and your dog will move quickly.

If your dog is a clown, speak more sharply and correct with firmness. If he is stubborn, make each correction more severe.

While training, keep your dog's attention. When he looks away, nudge him with your knee. When he sniffs the ground, give the leash a tug.

For all corrections, snap the leash, never drag on it. For best results, praise your dog when you give him a command. Praise him when you use the leash.