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Dog Potty Training

 Dog Potty Training

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Dogs are man’s best friend. And most of the time their owners want them to be disciplined and obedient enough to follow instructions. Actually they are easy to deal with if you only know how to interact with them in a manner that they would somehow understand.

“House training” is the basic way to develop a dog’s good character. If your dog is house trained you would never have to worry leaving him alone inside or outside your house. Thus, you can also bring him to other places because you believe he will behave properly and tidily.

Seeing your dog go to the bathroom only in the spot you have selected for him is a very good sign that he is already that well-trained. But if your pet still doesn’t know how here are some important things to remember:

Be very careful of the foods that you feed him. Foods rich in fiber or sugar will not be good for them. Aside from the fact that high sugar foods give low nutrition value and low digestibility, it also tend to produce high volume of defecation. The more waste, the more time and effort your dog needs in order to eliminate them. It is important to ask veterinarians for suggestions and advices with regards to dog foods. They are the best persons to help you out.

Strict time schedule must also be practiced. Feeding and watering your dog in a regular manner is important. Foods eaten by your dog must be left down 20-30 minutes. Water should be given in small amounts to avoid accidents.

After determining your dog’s eating schedule, determine then his bathroom schedule. Dogs need to go to the bathroom 15-30 minutes after they eat and drink. Emotions also play an important role. If they get too excited because of some things, you probably need to bring him outside as soon as possible.

After bringing him outside to his designated spot, you need to stay there for at least 10-15 minutes. Then say “Go Potty” or other words or phrase on your own. You must repeat these words, for them to be used to it. Until he has gone to the bathroom, don’t allow your dog’s attention be distracted into some other things.

Praising your dog after he has gone to the bathroom is a great thing, especially if you express it with so much emotion. He could somehow feel that he makes you happy because of what he did.

If the first trial is not successful, you can try bringing him outside again after 15 minutes.

Practice makes perfect. Keep on repeating this exercise everyday to keep your dog adept and aware that going to bathroom in the designated spot for him is the right thing to do everyday.

The above mentioned reminders are very vital to disciplining your dog. Just like humans, dogs need to organize their lives. Having a consistent schedule is a better way to train them. Thus, making them feel that you are kind and dependable could also be the best way to make them follow you and your commands.