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What is Negative Reinforcement?

 What is Negative Reinforcement?

what is negative reinforcement dog training
how to use negative reinforcement to train your dog

How To Use Negative Reinforcement To Train Your Dog.

What is negative reinforcement?  Simply put, there are two of training techniques you can use; positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is when you use punishment in response to an unfavorable behavior.  Positive reinforcement is when you use praise or a type of positive feedback in response to a favorable behavior. Of course you can use a healthy mix of both types when it comes to raising a human child, but when it comes to a dog, they learn much better through the use of positive reinforcement only. As humans, we have a dynamic brain functions and can determine that negative reactions equals “bad”.  Dogs brains are wired much differently.

Many experts believe dogs respond better to positive reinforcement because dogs are known as “pack animals”, which means in the wild each member of the pack takes orders from the alpha leader. The alpha leader does not punish for bad behavior, instead the leader likes to reward members for good behavior. The members work towards good behavior to stay on good terms with the alpha.

What is Negative Reinforcement?  Not Good, That’s What.

Besides nature’s own reasons, the other main reason you should not use negative reinforcement on your dog is it creates fear inside the dog which can lead to built-up resentment as the dog learns to fear you. The biggest problem with this type of training is that besides teaching the dog to fear you, it does little else to combat the actual problem. In fact, experts will tell you that once the dog fears you from repeated punishment with the negative reinforcement ideology, the dog will continue to act with the same bad manners regardless of the punishment.

On the other hand, if you reward the dog for what you want it to do then he or she will want to continue to do so in order to get more rewards from you. Just remember that you want your dog to respect you rather than fear you. Once your dog loves and respects you, they will want to do anything they can to make you happy. Making training a heck of a lot easier!