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Are you Punishing Your Dog for Good Behavior?

 Are you Punishing Your Dog for Good Behavior?

dog good behavior
rewarding a dog for good behavior

Have been mistakenly punishing your dog for good behavior? Although you may not have done this intentionally, there is a large possibility that you have punished your dog for what your dog thought was good behavior. A great example would be when your dog runs away from you.  You call them and chase them and when your dog finally comes to you, you scold them and tell them how bad they are. In your mind you are yelling at them for what they originally did, but from your dog’s point of view, you are yelling at them for coming to you. Therefore, you have accidentally punished your pup for good behavior. This is how the vicious cycle of frustration in dog training starts.  It isn’t your fault.  In our human minds we can relate to different circumstances and determine why we are being disciplined.  Your dog will only relate to what is happening in the immediate past or present.

This is the main reason why “punishing” your dog isn’t effective; instead, a reward system can be put in place to promote good behavior. For instance, if a dog has an accident in the house, it is very hard to punish them because it is rare to catch them in the act. In this situation it is best to ignore the problem of them going in the house. When your pup goes while outside, it is best for you to praise them excessively. If you train yourself to use positive reinforcement methods, you will teach your dog to associate good behaviors with rewards; thus making the dog want to behave. To get the complete lesson on potty training your dog you can sign up for The Dog Training System Membership.  Our potty training lesson can stop your dog from peeing and pooping in the house within one day.

As difficult as it can be, try to restrain yourself from punishing your dog for the negative things they do. This may lead to major behavioral issues for your dog as they will not realize exactly what you are punishing them for each time. On the other hand, positive reinforcement will help your dog associate good behaviors with rewards so you can create and maintain a healthy relationship with your pup.