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Home Dog Training: How to Effectively Train Your Dog at Home

 Home Dog Training: How to Effectively Train Your Dog at Home

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This is the final part of our four part series on home dog training and this final portion will help you understand how to be effective with training your dog at home.

Everyone knows that home dog training can become tedious and frustrating. However, it is important to remain calm to ensure your training goes well. In terms of training a dog, there is one thing you always need to remember, and that is that consistency is key. If you are not consistent then you will not make it anywhere with your dog’s training. A dog is not as smart as a human, so a dog cannot comprehend a schedule or rules that are constantly changing. On the other hand, a dog that is placed on a schedule can get accustomed to how things are done and pick-up on the house rules.

If you hope to be effective with training your dog at home, you will need to take the dog outside at the same times of the day, and provide the dog with plenty of positive praise and treats when he or she performs activities that you approve of. There are small ways of disciplining a dog that do not involve physical abuse or yelling. In fact, both of these can make training a dog that much harder and should be avoided at all costs.

Quite possibly one of the easiest ways of being effective with home dog training is through the use of a crate. Dogs learn to “hold” their potty and learn how to calm down when placed inside a crate. In addition, the small, enclosed area helps the dog feel secure and at ease with a safe place to rest. Regardless which training techniques you choose to use, your dog will absolutely respond to consistency above everything else. Therefore, when you are training your dog at home, make sure you remain consistent above all else.