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Teaching Dog Obedience In 3 Straightforward Steps! Learn How To Raise An Amiable And Relaxed Pet

Teaching Dog Obedience In 3 Straightforward Steps! Learn How To Raise An Amiable And Relaxed Pet

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Teaching dog obedience isn't a simple task and requires plenty of patience and consistency. It is advised to start as quickly as you bring the dog home as the older the dog gets the harder it is to train him. Having a docile pet is a pleasure and benefits each side.

Because you are assured in his behaviour and trust that he won't do anything undesired you give your dog more liberty and as a consequence he enjoys his life more than if he would be confined to one place all the time. In this piece I will mention three most important things you must know when training the dog obedience. If your pet thinks that you do not truly make a good leader he'll spontaneously feel obliged to take over the alpha male role so as to protect his pack. Although it all sounds awfully noble it appears to be different in reality. Dogs that position themselves at the very top of the power structure are often assertive and may become uncontrollable. That is the reason why during teaching dog obedience you want to show dominion over your pet straight from the awfully beginning.

This can be done by being firm and consistent, feeding him after you had your meal and a couple of other simple techniques such as duplicating the behaviour of your pup’s mummy. As an example roll your dog onto his back and keep him in this position till he stops wriggling. Do it once in a while and with no obvious reason. This is a powerful signal that you're the manager. Screaming or hitting your dog doesn't make a lot of sense as he will be able to only get more stressed and puzzled as to what you are expecting of him. As an alternative it is advisable to just ignore the naughty behavior and focus upon rewarding what’s positive and desired. They'll also supply you with basic knowledge about the psychological aspect of dog obedience training and teach the best way to talk with your pet effectively . Being able to understand dog body language makes obedience coaching so quicker as you can respond to your pup’s signals more exactly.