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Dog Training Equipment

 Dog Training Equipment

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When training your dog you need some dog training equipment to facilitate the learning process.

The first thing you need is a dog collar. There are several types of dog collars out there, but a flat nylon collar will be fine. You will also need a 5-8 foot nylon leash. No matter how trained the dog is to stay near its owner at all times, something could easily distract and it could take off running, so it is best if you have a dog collar and leash on your dog at all times.

However, if you have a small dog, you should get the dog a harness and a leash, as opposed to a dog collar and a leash. This is because small dogs have delicate throats and necks. With a harness, if they pull on it, there is less of a chance of them injuring their necks as opposed to collars.

While dog leashes come in a variety of different styles and lengths, a popular leash for dog owners that want to give their dog more freedom to run are extendable dog leashes. These leashes can extend for the dogs, yet if the dog needs to be controlled, you can retract the leash.

When training your dog you will need some kind of motivator to keep your dog motivated doing what you ask it to do. If you know your dog you should know what it likes. As almost every dog responds to food or treats, that is what you should start with. A lot of dogs also respond well to toys, and especially toys that sounds.