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 Dog Training and Health

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The mysteries of Dog Training!

Have you ever wondered why your dog stands and stares at you when you call him, instead of bounding towards you? Do you watch other people's dogs walking neatly beside them on the lead, while yours nearly chokes himself to death hauling you along? And is your dog's idea of amusing himself when you're out to chew up your Jimmy Choo's and make a nest in your clean bed?

Then you need us! At Dog-Training-and-Health.com, we really want you to get the most out of sharing your life with the world's favourite companion animal. Here you'll find Tips on Dog Training, Puppy Training, Dog Behaviour, and Natural Dog Health. You'll even get some beautiful Dog Pictures for your home or office.

A Well-Behaved Dog ...

You'll find that you can train your dog yourself, using our simple, intuitive – and, above all, gentle - dog training methods. But if you want to look further, visit our innovative new Meet the Trainer section. This is where you can find out just what different Dog Trainers offer. So you can choose the trainer that suits you and your dog if you decide to go for professional dog training.

Puppy Training ...

How would you like it if you moved to a new home where strange beings shouted at your sensitive ears in a weird and incomprehensible language? Don't inflict this experience on your new puppy! Learn how to communicate with him in a way he understands easily. Most dogs are so eager to please: this is the basis of our method of training.

A Healthy Dog ...

Dogs have a remarkably robust physique - especially their digestive systems, which seem to cope with almost anything! But even dogs need some help with their health sometimes. If we can use natural remedies which obviate the need to trouble the Vet, then so much the better. We've used Aloe Vera for years for all the family - including the animals, and we've sourced the world's best Aloe Vera for you. It's sometimes hard to find products of this quality. We've found many resources to maximise your dog's health.

Other Resources ...

We've also picked out our favourite Dog Beds, Dog Toys and Training Aids for you. Add to that our top Books on Dog Training and Health, and you have a sure-fire way to make life with your family dog a breeze.

If you love dogs, then you'll want to keep your dog happy. A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog, so dive into one of our articles now and get the best out of your life with your favourite furry partner.