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Home Dog Training: Items Needed to Train Your Dog at Home

 Home Dog Training: Items Needed to Train Your Dog at Home

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When it comes to home dog training there are some things you need to know. To present you with this information we will provide a four part series which will cover pretty much everything you need to know about home dog training. The first part of the series will cover the necessities required for training your dog at home.

In order to successfully train your dog at home, you will need to invest in a few supplies such as a standard collar, leash, toys, a crate, and some treats. Although there are many different types of harnesses and fancy collars on the market, a standard collar or harness will be sufficient.  Leash training your dog is crucial when training your dog as it helps you maintain control of the dog and protects the dog from getting into dangerous situations.

Home dog training is made much easier with the purchase of a crate. The crate helps provide the dog with a safe place to rest when supervision is not possible. Another thing many people may not realize is that potty training is made much easier through use of a crate. The treats will also come into play to help with potty training as dogs learn best through positive reinforcement.  So, through a combination of positive praise and treats you can make the dog do what you want it to do.

Finally, be sure to buy plenty of toys. Toys are especially beneficial for puppies as they are teething.  Surely, you would much rather your dog chews on toys over your furniture. Basically, if you provide the dog with enough toys to play with and chew on, the dog will not look to your personal belongings.

In summary, when it comes to at home dog training you will need to purchase a standard collar or harness, leash, a crate, treats, and lots of toys. Equipping yourself with these products will make training your dog much easier and faster. Make sure to catch the second part of our four part series which will focus on the pros and cons of home dog training.