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Home Dog Training: Pros and Cons of Training Your Dog at Home

 Home Dog Training: Pros and Cons of Training Your Dog at Home

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Pros and Cons of Training Your Dog at Home

Here we are for part two of the four part series on home dog training. This part of the series will focus on the pros and cons of home dog training. There are certainly many reasons to train your new dog at home, however like anything else there are also cons with at home dog training.

Cons of Home Dog Training

In comparison to the many pros of home dog training, this section will first explain the few cons of it. Training a dog can become quite aggravating, so home dog training tends to take a considerable amount of patience. In addition, if you do not use the right approach with training your dog at home the dog can become impossible to train and begin exhibiting many behavioral problems such as barking, chewing, and digging. One other drawback of home dog training is that if you are not consistent enough you will never get through to the dog. In other words, if you lack consistency with the home-based training it will never work.

Pros of Home Dog Training

There are many pros to training your dog at home. First, let’s begin with the fact that it will save you a considerable amount of money as professional dog trainers tend to become quite costly. Possibly the second best reason to train your dog at home is because it will help you create a unique bond with your dog; thus improving your relationship. When your train your dog yourself your dog learns to respect you as the “alpha” instead of the professional trainer.  Often people take their dogs to a professional trainer and the dog will follow commands in the class and then come home and refuses to listen to the owner.  When you train at home it will help ensure the dog shows YOU respect and listens to what YOU say. Another wonderful reason to use a home dog training program is so you can make sure the dog learns exactly what you want it to learn. For example, if certain commands are more important than others, start with those and skip the commands you don’t care for. Many times with professional dog trainers, they have one program they use for all dogs. If you train your own dog at home, you can customize the training and determine exactly what you want to include.

In conclusion, like anything else home dog training has pros and cons associated with it. As you can see from the information above, the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of whether to train your dog at home or not. As you can see, training your dog at home will help strengthen the bond you share with your dog, as well as ensure the dog learns what you want it to. Check out part three of our series where we will discuss when home dog training is a bad idea.