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Dog Training - Barking No Longer A Problem

 Dog Training - Barking No Longer A Problem

dogs barking sounds

What does a dog normally do when someone passes by your home? He or she usually barks, and this is especially true if there is someone walking another dog. This can become quite annoying to you, the neighbors and the owner and his dog walking past your home. But with a little dog training, barking can be dealt with and no longer be a problem.

First, why does your dog bark at this type of situation? Is it his nature, is he defending his territory from anything or anyone? Maybe your dog is scared of what he senses or sees. If your dog does this often, especially at night, then dog training is in order.

You will use some phrases such as 'its ok' or 'stop barking' or 'no', then reward him with a treat. This is not going to be an easy task, but if you keep it up with consistency, it will be worth it. If you would rather forget the dog training, barking can then be done outside in a fenced yard that you will need to put in. Make sure you make the fence high though, you won't want your dog to be able to see anyone who passes, if he does, he will bark for sure. Now your dog can bark at the sounds of other dogs barking, the birds or a possible squirrel running through your yard.

Okay, but then what about when you have visitors? If your dog does the same thing, then be ready to use the key words 'no' or whatever you have chosen, when he stops barking, give him a treat rewarding his wonderful non-barking behavior.

There is a good thing about a barking dog, which is his protecting nature if there is someone trespassing your yard or possibly trying to get into your home, your dog will make it known to the stranger, with his loud and clear barking, that the stranger is not welcome.

Even though it takes time, if you are willing to commit to dog training, barking will at least be under control. This will make you happy, your dog happy and your neighbor walking his dog extremely happy. So, with everyone happy, how can you fail?