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Free Dog Training Tips

Free Dog Training Tips

free dog training tips online
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Have you heard the old adage "you can never teach an old dog new tricks"?  Well this is not true, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, they are never too old to learn.  Now, knowing that, here are some great free dog training tips for you and your buddy. 
It is always best to train a dog when they are a puppy, and to do that as soon as you get him.  This is typically between six and eight weeks old. 

You need to understand that your puppy is like a baby, a human baby that is.  Your puppy wants to please 'you' in any way, he wants you to be happy and when you praise your puppy, he knows you are happy and wants to repeat what was done, hoping to be praised again.  You can give treats, but you don't want to do this too much, this is not healthy for your pup. 

One free dog training tips that is rude and annoying when its' not followed is; do not let your dog eat from your table.  This is not clean, nor is it smart.  Can you imagine what your houseguest must be thinking when your dog comes up and starts eating off of your plate?  Yuck! 

A dog can easily get into the "begging" habit. When this starts, make your dog lay down in his bed as you begin your meal. This works best when they are puppies, but you can teach an older dog to do this, but you will have to be very consistent.  Your dog should only eat at his meal time or when you give him a snack.  You have to also remember that you are the boss, you are the one that calls the shots in your home, not your dog. 

When you make a command, make sure to use a friendly but firm voice.  "Come to me" would be the only exception to this rule. This command is best done in a nice and friendly tone. 

This is another, very important and yes, one of my free dog training tips that I hope you always remember and put to use.  If, your puppy has an accident, or does his duty on the carpet, your bedroom, the kitchen floor, or anywhere else in the house for that matter,  PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT rub their nose in it!!!  Just take them outside and show them where they should do it.  They will understand and will soon start doing it. 

Your dog does not learn by punishing  him for doing wrong, he learns from praise for doing right.  You do not want to make your dog afraid of you and that is all you will accomplish with punishment.  They will realize when they do something right there is praise and treats, and when they are not behaving, there aren't any praise and treats. 

To summarize my free dog training tips, if your dog is doing his best, listens and follows your commands, praise him up and down and sideways.  This is the key to a happy and well-trained dog.  They just want you to be happy, always remember that.