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Dog Agility Training

 Dog Agility Training

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You are watching a wonderful animal hurl over the jumps, weaving through the poles, hopping on and running across the see-saws, heading into the tunnel, over the next jump….you may think I am describing a horse show, but nope, I am describing a dog  doing things that he totally enjoys.  If you think your dog may like this, then you may want to check into dog agility training. 

Dog agility training started in the late 1970s and was actually inspired by the equestrian events in Great Britain.  This is a wonderful sport for the dogs and their owners.  The dog and the owner both learn together how to negotiate an obstacle course testing your dogs training as he listens to your command in the course. 

You can start dog agility training after they have reached 9 months old.  This is important to ensure that their growth plates have properly closed, thus preventing injury.  Your dog will start with dog agility training by first seeing if he can clear a jump that has the height required in his division.  He will have to do this before he can compete. 

First, your dog will be put in the "starter" division.  This is for the dogs that don't hold any titles yet.  Once he makes it through the first round, then he earns the "starter" title.  He is now ready to compete with the big boys at the advanced level.  Next will be the "Advanced Title" which he can earn when he is able to clear three rounds judged by 2 separate judges.

After he has earned the Advanced Title, he is able to compete in the masters.  There he can earn the "Masters Title" which can be a bit more difficult as it has a 6 part process to qualify in as well as three game courses that have to be completed successfully. 

This can be a really fun sport for you and your dog, but it needs to also be treated as a serious competition.  These competitions are well organized and there are a lot of regulations and guidelines.  There are two divisions that are based on your dogs size.  Your dog may or may not earn the famous "Master" title, but even if he doesn't, he wont' care, he is just there for the fun.