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Clicker Training For Dogs

 Clicker Training For Dogs

clicker training for dogs good or bad
clicker training for dogs pros and cons

Clicker Training For Dogs

Clicker training was a method of training my dogs that I discovered while doing some research on the internet on how I could get my older dogs to walk properly on their leashes. My dogs are aged nine and five so the more traditional ways of training the sit, stay and heel were not taking hold for me. I stumbled across a great article that mentioned clicker training and I was involved at once.

I believe that to train a dog properly you need patience and positive reinforcement, something that is very involved in clicker training. A small piece of equipment is used, this is the clicker, it emits a small "click" noise when the button is pressed. It is this "click" that the dog will respond to and know that he/she has done the correct thing to please you, a treat is given or other positive reward that you the owner deem appropriate.

I started this method with my nine year old terrier and she responded quite well, in fact she made great progress in the first 2 days. The secret is the timing. With the traditional method of the just using the voice command and positive praise, you can run the risk of delivering your positive praise at the incorrect moment which can lead to confusion for your dog if say the praise "good dog!" is delivered but a fraction of a moment too late.

For example: if I was to teach my dog the sit command I would place my hand flat in the air and say "sit", if the dog was to move to the sit position I would gladly praise with "good dog!" however as I say the phrase she pops out of her sit position; did I just praise her for the sit or the jump?

With the clicker training method and the same scenario I would give the "sit" command and as soon as the dogs bottom touched the floor, the clicker is pressed, then followed by a "good dog!" and a treat. The dog will then deduce that the click means he/she has performed the correct motion and that a treat is coming. The click becomes the treat as the dog recognizes it as a symbol for more great things to come.