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 Why Training?

why training your dog is important
why training is important

why training is important?


A well-trained dog listens! A well-trained dog will not dash out of the front door and into the street. A well-trained dog will not jump up on the counter and eat things that could harm him. A well-trained dog will not knock you or your grandma down with an over excited greeting. A well-trained dog will not drag you down the street when all you want is a leisurely walk.


Training gives you and your dog techniques to use when greeting other dogs and people. You also learn how to read the body language of approaching dogs for a comfortable greeting.


A well-trained dog gains confidence from learning how to behave and knowing what is expected. If your dog is shy or withdrawn, obedience training makes your dog more willing to interact with the world. After training, you will have a calm, more confident dog.

Creating a Bond with your Dog

Training makes your dog much more attentive to you and your actions. A well-trained dog is much easier to handle and more fun to be with than an unruly one. Friends and family will enjoy your four-legged friend too.