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Potty Training Dogs – Dog Potty Training Guide

 Potty Training Dogs – Dog Potty Training Guide

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Potty Training Dogs

Dog Potty Training Guide

Potty Training Dogs Should Not Have To Be Hard – It is always exciting to get a brand new puppy. They are so cute and lovable and dogs are just such good companions. The bad part though is actually dog potty training. It is not fun and can be really frustrating at times.

As soon as you get your new dog, you should start the dog potty training process right away. Be very patient and persistent with the dog. You need to remember that at first, the dog will not know how to tell you that he needs to use the bathroom so he is going to have a lot of accidents. It is helpful to take the dog out no less than once every two hours until you start to figure out his schedule.

Whenever the dog does a good job and uses the bathroom outside, be sure to praise him and tell him he did good. Give him a little treat before you take him back in so that he has a positive reinforcement. Give him a nice little pat on the head too. Dogs like to please their owners so you want to let your dog know he has pleased you.

Always be sure to take the dog outside as soon as he wakes up and as soon as you get home from any outings. They usually need to use the bathroom right away in these situations. Also, after they have eaten you will want to give them a little time for their food to settle and then take them outside to use the bathroom.

If you are gone for long period of the day then it might be a good idea to crate train your dog. They will not use the bathroom in their own space such as a crate and so this can help making house training them a little easier. Be sure to put a comfy blanket in the crate as well as their favorite toy and a bone for them to chew on. This way they do not get bored. As soon as the dog is taken out of the crate they have to be taken outside right away.

If the dog uses the bathroom in the house, if you can catch him the act you want to tell him “No!” and quickly take him outside to finish his business. Quickly clean his mess up so their is less chance of a stain. Use a cotton cloth and some good pet stain remover and it should get it all up. Sometimes it helps to shampoo the carpets to get any smell out. If a dog can smell where he has used the bathroom in the past he is likely to go there again.

After some time you will notice that your dog is picking up on what he needs to do. You will notice that he will act in a certain way when he needs to go outside. Some dogs will just go sit or stand by the door and wait for you. Other dogs may scratch at the door with their paw. Some dogs will get real excited and start sneezing and jumping around until you take them outside. These are signs you want to look for.

Potty training dogs can be real stressful at times. Just remember to stay patient and stick with it. It will really pay off in the end. No matter how frustrating it is, just remember that your dog will eventually get it. Do not give up.