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How to Train your Australian Shepherd to use the Toilet


 How to Train your Australian Shepherd to use the Toilet

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One thing you should teach your dog as early as early possible is toilet habits. Since your dog doesn’t know the right spots by himself it is upto you to teach him that because if you don’t he is going to choose any spot he thinks is right and I am sure you don’t want him dirtying your house and increase the cleaning work for you.

Now you can either teach him to eliminate when you take him for a walk or if not then you can teach him to use the toilet. So in this article I will cover all the steps that will help you teach your dog to use the toilet.

Although I would recommend you to start toilet training of your dog in the early stages age or size is no such barrier although you can expect the smaller dogs to learn this habit faster than the larger dogs.

But the most important part of this training is for you to be patient because you may have to teach him for even a week or 2 or sometimes more before he completely understands it.

The first and most important thing is for you to set a command so that whenever you say it your dog understands he is supposed to go and use the toilet.

Just make sure the command isn’t too long or it will become harder for him to understand and training will take longer duration. Use any word that’s bathroom related.

Once the command is set if your dog is used to going outside its ok, take him outside to eliminate initially until he completely understand the command. Once he is completely familiar with the command you can move on to the next step

The next involves you teaching your dog to eliminate in a container placed in your toilet. But initially I would recommend you to take the container outside and teach him to use it there. Although more than often litter boxes are used you can use any plastic box.

Just make sure that the box you use in wide and deep enough for your dog to stand comfortably in it. Make sure your dog uses the container for a week or so before you move on to the next step.

Once your dog has learnt to use the container outside its time you moves the container inside the toilet and the next time he troubles you to take him outside you take him to the toilet and point towards the container and repeat the command.

Your dog may take time to understand this so be patient do not lose your cool. Continue this for some time and your dog will soon understand what it all means.

Once he learns to use the container in the toilet take it and place it on the toilet rim. Then teach him to climb up and balance himself and eliminate.

Once he learns this remove the container. Now your dog should be able to balance himself on the seat and eliminate.

Remember to reward your dog every time he obeys a command to encourage him to continue listening to your commands.

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