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 Dog Training Treats

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Welcome to Dog Training Treats,

Dog training treats is one of many methods of motivational training (positive reinforcement)  that encourages the dog to perform a task by bribing him/her with something they want. This is a very effective way to quickly teach your dog to sit, stay, and an assortment of other tricks.

So many choices… but which one do you choose? Although most dogs will accept any food you give them, a dog training treat should be different. This will help differentiate food from rewards.  Most pet stores have an entire row dedicated to just treats, ranging from the standard milk bone to organic treats. Let’s face it though, dog training treats can be pricey! If you find yourself having a limited budget, there are any alternatives you can choose from. Here are a few suggestions: cheese cut into cubes, sliced apples, frozen berries like blueberries or raspberries, or chopped carrots. These can be just as effective, if not more since it will most likely not be anything like his/her regular food.

When considering what dog training treats you want, keep some of these points in mind:

Small. You want something they can gulp down quickly.  This will help the training process because your dog won’t have to stop and chew for a while between tricks.

Hardness.  You want to find a great that can easily be chewed.  Many dogs will just gulp down a dog training treat, but then cough it back up because it’s too hard.

Moist.  Dry dog treats may crumble and fall to the floor, in which your dog will have to act like a vacuum and take time to suck it all up.  This also slows down the process.

Making your own dog training treats can be simple, easy and inexpensive. Many health conscious pet owners choose to make their own dog’s treats so they know exactly what is going into their food. Treats you purchase in pet stores is often filled with chemicals, filler, and coloring. The best part (aside from how cheap it is to make your own dog treats), is very simple, very quick and most often requires little to no preparation. Here are a few dog training treats suggestions:

Cheese Slices: Slicing cheese is a great source of protein but does contain fat so don’t over do it. You can also freeze the cheese slices for your dog if he’s teething (or just for fun).

Carrots: Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, and better yet.. no fat. Slicing carrots into small rounds is great for teaching tricks.

Apple Wedges: Cutting apples into wedges, or halving wedges are great portion sizes for training.. and dogs LOVE apples.

As your training progresses, you can start to skip a few treats and substitute some excited praising and petting. Eventually you won’t need any treats, however I’m sure your pet would still like a few from time to time.

An important note: please read the ingredients! You would be surprised what some of them contain. A very common ingredient, and usually one of the first listed is wheat. For most dogs this isn’t an issue but for some dogs, like mine, it causes incredibly bad gas. While it doesn’t pose a health risk to your dog, it can be very unpleasant for you and any guests you may have over at the time.

Dog training treats are a great way to motivate your pet to do all sorts of tasks including dog house training, various tricks, and specific tasks.