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Brain Training 4 Dogs


Brain Training 4 Dogs

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Brain Training 4 Dogs By Adrienne Farricelli – In Review

There are so many benefits to owning a well-trained dog. For instance, some stores and business premises even make exceptions for dogs that heel nicely by the owner’s side. In other words, the more reliable your pooch becomes, the more freedom he gains – and of course the happier he becomes. This is precisely one of the objectives of the Brain Training 4 Dogs. But instead of taking the usual, rather aggressive, approach to training, this program aims to bolster your dog’s intelligence.

Brain Training 4 Dogs – Overview

As the name of this program suggests, this program specifically targets your dog’s brain. The course is based on the principle of positive reinforcement and aims to help pets to do extraordinary tasks. In other words, this is a manual that aims to build on trust and at the same time expose your dog to a new realm of information.

A sneak peek of the book reveals quite a number of interesting things about it.

*This training guide contains 300+ pages of information

*You also get a side bonus known as Behavior Training for Dogs which comes with an extra 80 pages

*Besides text-based content, you also get 21 videos made to keep improving on the manner in which dogs learn

Compared to professional dog training, the Brain Training 4 Dogs program is valued at a rather reasonable price. Moreover, its approach enjoys a high rate of success.

How The Program Works

The program makes full use of behaviorism learning by combining challenges with rewards. Unlike in other programs, these treats are not really bribes but encouragements that will make sure your pooch is on the right track always. This is a force-free approach to training – and fortunately, the author has made it so simple to follow the curriculum by breaking it down into small, actionable steps.

Preschool Training (Module 1)

Just the same way little kids join preschool to learn the basics, this program does the same for your dog. Here, your pup will have its brainpower tapped into so they become super obedient. Best of all, you will be trained on how to Target Train them so they learn how to keep their attention on you. Another aspect of this module worth unraveling is the Magic Little Way which basically trains your dog to look into your eyes and establish a consistent communication code with you. Lastly, there is the Airplane Game which will get your dog enjoying the learning process even more.

Elementary School (Module 2)

Preschool learning may get your dog up to speed with the basic foundations of learning but it will take a little more effort to get them to complete your commands. Fortunately, that’s the main objective of the Elementary School module. The training in this stage focuses on relieving boredom and getting your pet mentally stimulated for learning. It is at this particular stage that The Muffin Game and The Ball Pit Game are introduced into the equation – both with the aim of making it easier for your dog to learn while exercising and also having lots of fun.

High School (Module 3)

At this point, the author of this program focuses on imparting patience and impulse control habits on your “best friend”. Under Module 3, you will learn more about a little-known strategy by the name “Jazz Up and Settle Down” which focuses on helping your dog settle down and start focusing on serious learning. To keep them mentally stimulated, though, there’s The Bottle Game and Bobbing Treats placed for them under this module.

College (Module 4)

Beyond the pleasantries offered in the first 3 modules, Module 4 delves deep into equipping motor skills. It is at this point that focus shifts into developing their mental agility while at the same time building up on calmness and patience. Some of the games included at this level of learning are:

*The Shell Game

*The Open Sesame Game

*The Magic Carpet Game

University (Module 5)

It’s time now to focus on honing your dog’s intelligence. The University Module gives your favorite pet some awesome challenges that they have to really think to accomplish them. By consistently exposing them to tough challenges, you also get to nurture their minds and keep them all set for life’s challenges. The Hide and Seek game included in this part of the program helps you nurture a stronger bond while The Hot and Cold Game builds the dog’s confidence. 

Graduation (Module 6)

This program comprises a bunch of outdoor sessions all aimed at advancing the dog’s motor skills and intelligence. You will be exposed to skills on leg weaving which you can use to entertain your friends. At the pinnacle of this program, you will also learn the Serpentines and Spirals Game which will help your pet stick by your side and follow commands as expected. Lastly, you will be exposed to the Name Recognition Game where your pet will learn to pick out toys by name – further building up his cognitive abilities.

Einstein (Module 7)

It’s one thing to excel at basic classroom challenges but another to stand out as a genius. The Einstein Module is a highly intensive part of the training that aims to tap into your dog’s genius level. In fact, under this module, your dog can learn how to play the piano, tidy his toys and even play the ring stackers game.



* Instantly available upon checking out

*Contains rare, unique but efficient tips

*This program offers force-free training

*A customized approach toward learning

*Backed by video demonstrations for easier understanding

*One can consult the author for assistance at any step of the way

*There is a private forum for like-minded dog owners to share ideas

*Exclusive member’s area that furnishes one with premium content

*A highly trustworthy author

*The program is well priced compared to face-to-face training

3 Problems With This Product

(1) The course is currently not available in mainstream outlets like brick and mortar stores

(2) Going through all the seven modules might require a bit of time

(3) Results are not typical as some dogs naturally learn faster than others

About The Author

The author of this program goes by the name Adrienne Janet Farricelli. She is a CPDT-KA certified trainer who has been practicing for the last 10 years.

Final Thoughts

Brain Training 4 Dogs is certainly a well-designed and incredibly efficient program. It does a good job of helping unlock your dog’s hidden intelligence. I would encourage you to try it out today in order to raise an obedient, well-behaved, loving and intelligent doggie. Verdict: A must-have for every dog owner.