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Using Pet Doors for Problem Dogs

 Using Pet Doors for Problem Dogs

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In addition to extreme convenience, pet doors offer many other benefits.  For starters, if you have a dog that has trouble with potty training, which could be a puppy or perhaps an older dog that simply cannot hold it all day, then a dog door gives him the opportunity to come and go outside at will.  As a result, the problem on inside soiling is eliminated.  It takes a little bit to get your dog comfortable with the door but soon, he will love his newfound freedom.

For this, we suggest you choose an electronic pet door.  Your dog would wear a device on his caller, which works as a receiver.  The door itself is designed with a transmitter.  As your dog approaches the door, it would open and then close behind him.  The great thing of an electronic pet door is that other dogs and/or animals cannot get into the house.  Only the pet with the receiver on the caller can control the opening and closing of the door.

With this type of pet door, you also find that it helps dogs that deal with separation anxiety, or those that have loneliness problems.  Instead of being locked into a kennel all day while you are away at work or school, again, your dog would gain access to the outside whenever he wants.  You will quickly find that your dog is much more relaxed and happy.  This is also the ideal solution for dogs that constantly want you to get up and let them out.  Instead, they can simply walk to the door and go in and out anytime they want.

While there are serious benefits to pet doors, it is important to consider a number of factors before heading out to buy.  For example, you will need to determine if you have a place where a pet door would help.  Keep in mind that while pet doors can be installed through walls and on existing doors, they can also be added to glass, sliding doors.  Therefore, if you have a glass door and think you have no options, you do.

Another consideration when buying a pet door is the size of your dog.  Obviously, a large dog would need a door that he can fit through to avoid him becoming stuck and possibly injured.  You can visit any pet supply store and find the exact requirements on the pet door product itself.  They will provide information for the right pet door size, depending on the height and girth of your pet.

You also want to consider the personality and temperament of the dog.  For instance, while plastic pet doors look great, they are also not as sturdy and durable as a metal or aluminum framed door.  Therefore, consider the activity and size of your dog.  If you have a dog that is rough or large, then you want the stronger pet door choice.  Finally, to ensure other animals and even intruders cannot get into the house through the dog door, we highly recommend you choose an electronic option, which is safe and secure.