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What are the More Aggressive Dog Breeds?

 What are the More Aggressive Dog Breeds?

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While some dog breeds can have a tendency to be more aggressive than other breeds, most often aggression is the result of the way in which the dog was raised. For instance, if the dog were beaten, yelled at, or mistreated in any way as a puppy, he will likely be more aggressive as an adult. Some dogs can learn to control the aggression with proper training but uncontrolled aggression is dangerous and in some horrific cases, even deadly. For this reason, choosing the right breed of dog is very important.

Remember, you do not want to look only at a dog’s breed. After all, even small, gentle breeds can turn violent. Every dog, just as humans, has a breaking point and if provoked, could break. In addition to choosing the dog wisely, you will also need to ensure he gets the right training and that you position yourself as the alpha. The following dogs are not necessarily born aggressive but have traits that could lead to problems if owned by the wrong people.

Chows – These dogs are one owner animals that have been known to bite without warning. Most Chows do not take to strangers well and if found in a fight, will often fight to the death. The Chow needs strong discipline and control.

Papillion – Although extremely loyal to the master, this breed can become overly possessive and to strangers, be standoffish

Old English Sheepdog – These dogs are also very protective of their owner. Therefore, if someone were to get too close, the dog might show aggression.

Llasa Apso – Although extremely cute, the Llasa Apso does not do well around children, especially younger kids

Rottweiler – The Rottweiler is a loving dog that is faithful and protective of its master but also skittish around strangers

Chihuahua – This particular breed loves adults and enjoys cuddling but when t comes to children, they are much too high strung, which can lead to growing and even biting

Toy Poodle – The Poodle is also a great dog but they have been known to bite out of self-defense. Additionally, the Poodle should not be played with too roughly.

Dachshund – While a loving animal, the Dachshund is not an overly patient breed

Jack Russell Terrier – Known for being high maintenance and feisty, this breed needs early obedience training and socialization to ensure biting does not become a problem

Giant Schnauzer – This dog is highly dominant, often challenging adults, especially strangers

Cocker Spaniels – Unfortunately, the Cocker Spaniel will sometimes have a problem known as “rage syndrome” in which he becomes violent suddenly toward family members, not strangers

Pekingese – This little dog does not like strangers whatsoever

Miniature Pinscher – Although a sweet dog, they see themselves as a big dog in a little body, sometimes having aggressive behaviors