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Dog Clicker Training Tips

 Dog Clicker Training Tips 

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Dog Training

Utilizing dog clicker training programs and these dog clicker training tips tips, have in the past few years, become one of the several advanced and more gentle forms of dog training.

These dog clicker training tips will give you a starting point for your dog training program.

Dog clicker training is used to teach Labradors, and almost every other dog breed, the basic dog training commands such as:



Leave it

Drop it




And quite a few more…

I have experienced these types of dog clicker training tips to be used in horse training as well.  Clicker training will generally work on almost any animal that is capable of understanding and associating “reward” with ”cues”.

I like the fact that this is a “hands off” form of training, and praise owners who us these dog clicker training tips for the simple fact that physical punishment is never used. This rates as an A+ in my opinion!

If you encounter any type of dog clicker training program that promote “physical punishment”, stay away from it. This type of instruction should only be used by professionals that train certain hard-core breeds.

Step One For Understanding Dog Clicker Training Tips

Step #1 for dog clicker training tips is the act of getting your Labrador used to and familiar with the clicker itself. You can not allow him or her to be fearful of the “click”.  There has to be a reward that is associated with the sound of the click.

I have found the easiest way for utilizing dog clicker training tips is to use, small bite size natural treats. By this I mean; hot dogs, soft dog food pieces or cooked chicken. Remember, for you to have success in these dog clicker training tips, your Lab has to be “overexcited” to get the treat.

I tell owners that they know their dog better than anyone else. They will know what type of treat ”gets their dog fired up”. Just make sure it is not fattening and is small in size because during the course of your dog clicker training tips you will go through plenty of treats.

Begin with the clicker in one hand and a steady supply of treats close by. This first part of dog clicker training tips needs to be done in a quite place, with little or no distractions.

Depress the clicker and imediately give the reward. At first your Lab will not understand what is going on, but as you develope this routine over and over it will become apparent to your dog that “click means treat”. He or she will begin to look up at you when you click, expecting the treat.

If your Labrador becomes distracted, which will happen, take a break. Wait until he is willing to listen again and then re-start your dog clicker training tips.

A simple way to start, is to teach your pup to look at you when you say his name. Use the basic technique just described. Wait until your Lab looks at you, then click and give the treat.

Insure that you say his name only one time. If he does not look at you, do not click. Wait until he looks at you.

And by all means, please pick out a simple and easy to say name. Do not let your Lab fail because you picked out a “cutesy” name that he can’t understand, or for that fact, anyone else.


Most all other verbal dog training commands are taught in the same way as mentioned above by utilizing dog clicker training tips.

Once again, start by saying the command you want to your Lab to learn, place him or her in that position, then simply click and give the reward. Perform this type of repitition over and over.

After a while, when you say the command, your Labrador should perform the task you have  just asked to be done.  As soon as he or she performs the command correctly, click and give a treat.

These types of dog clicker training tips will work great for the commands associated with; sit, down, and stay.

Teaching your Lab to stay may be a bit more time consuming, but the idea is still the same. Simply place him where you want him and verbally say ”STAY” in a strong vocal tone, then slowly take a couple of steps backwards.

One of two things will happen. Your Lab will move to follow you or he will stay where you placed him. If he stays where he is, immediately click and give the treat.

If he moves, start over and place him back where you want him to stay and try it again. Above all, remember to never click and reward if the desired action is not done correctly.

Once your Lab has the “close stay” mastered, graduate him or her to the “long stay” by gradually moving farther backwards. You will be surprised at just how far you can go.

You may develope a dog clicker training tips issue if your dog loses visual site of you. If this happens, shorten the distance slightly. Gradually sneak up on the “out of sight” issue.