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Reasons Why There Is a Need for You to Engage Into Puppy Obedience Training

 Reasons Why There Is a Need for You to Engage Into Puppy Obedience Training

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puppy training

Good puppy obedience training results to a good relationship between dogs and owners.

Puppy obedience training is basically the framework of a dog's life. The owners should be responsible enough to start the obedience training while their dogs are still young and easy to train. Obedience training normally relates to a dog's training. It starts from the basic training to the most complicated ones. Obedience training started in the twentieth century inside the military and police camps. This means that the dogs were subjected to the trainings that humans were also used to. But as the decades past, the trainings also evolve. Now, it includes operant conditioning and positive reinforcement as two of the most famous.

The basic training starts from the basic commands those puppies should learn like sit, down, stay and come. The more complicated training includes training for competitions. Advanced commands are stop, stand, growl, and steady, leave it, drop it, roll over, attack, etc. This focuses more on accuracy. A dog that becomes obedient because the training is much better than a dog that is merely trained in obedience because the latter learned how to respond immediately to the commands given by its owner. There are some dogs that went through a series of obedience training but are still not obedient.

Puppy obedience training is not easy. It depends on the attitude of the dog towards the training. The processes used also contribute a lot to the success of it. If the owner wants to achieve a lot for the puppy, he needs to be persistent, firm and committed. And because it is actually a requirement for any other higher trainings, owners should know that they can do the training anywhere. The puppy will develop great trust to the person who cares and loves him most. In return, he follows the commands reasonably.

The basic training can last from six to ten weeks. Obedience trainings are very essential most especially for dogs that are trained for competitions. If they developed the virtue of obedience, it is easy for them and for their handler to work hand in hand to succeed in the competitions. It is essential for responsible dog ownership. This means that the methods used in the training makes a dog well adjusted and well mannered. This eventually makes the dog easy to handle inside the house, having good relationship with anyone. On the other hand, a dog that has not been properly trained can be an annoyance to the society given that it can just attack anyone any time. They do not trust their handlers and the people that surround them.

If you want to succeed in the puppy obedience training, you have to impose positive reinforcement during the trainings so that the dogs will illicit good behaviors. Proper corrective methods are also important when the dog does not show desirable behaviors. When you see either a positive or negative behavior, never ignore it. Give punishments and rewards immediately. You should also remember that the training does not end in the training. You need to apply what the dog has learned in the training in his daily activities. This way he will know that the training is a serious matter. And most importantly, for successful puppy obedience training, the owner should remember that he should be the one who should be giving the training because he is the owner and the dog is his family.