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House Training Your Puppy - 6 Sure, Effective Techniques to Help

 House Training Your Puppy - 6 Sure, Effective Techniques to Help

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Training Puppy

House training your puppy to observe sanity and order in the home front is, and has never been easy. Contrary to what many think, it is not a three days or one week task; it takes several weeks to months of constant work to receive any results from house training your puppy. Before you sign the pay check in the dog seller's for that next Alsatian, you need to learn the basic, proven techniques that common dog owners like you use in house training their puppies.

I personally have learned these rules (which I'd give you below) of house training a puppy the hard. After so much frustration from series of unsuccessful trials on house training my puppies, I learned to tap from the wealth of experience of long time dog owners and pro trainers through consultations, books, eBooks, seminars, etc. The exact efficient techniques of house training a puppy that I learned and have used to success with my, hitherto unruly rot and wild Alsatian dogs, are what I'm placing before you. Read and learn!

Show him/her that you are boss: I had difficulty in learning this one and coming to terms with the fact that it's the number one rule. You need to stick this up your brain if you expect to get solid results from house training your puppy. You've got to first of all make your puppy or grown up dog understand that you rank above him, and that he has to take instructions from you. Get used to this! No, you don't have to go whipping him mercilessly to drive home the point. You get that rank by being consistent and firm with him/her. Show him that he can't get away with everything even if he/she is your first love. Make him get up from the couch so you can sit in his place, and eat your meal before feeding him his, even if he's drooling a lake by your feet. Don't act scared if your dog growls at you when you ask him to do things--just snarl back without touching him and stand your ground. Continue prodding him to obey you until he does. Now that you have gotten your dog to perceive you as the master, you can then go on with the following:

Take him out to his potty (defecation) grounds: Though dogs are not as smart as humans, but they tend to grab things really fast. Right from when your dog is at its puppy age, always take him out to where you would love him to be doing his potty (defecation) just before the time of the day he's used to eliminating. Stand there and wait for him to do his thing - most dogs eliminate in the early hours of the morning. When you do this repeatedly, you would notice your dog going out there to "his spot" untold. Dogs do their potty in marked places. The usually mark these spots by eliminating there previously, and consistently. This is an effective way to house train your puppy.

Select a verbal command: Dogs don't understand English the way humans do. They are good at, and tend to understand short phrases which are used frequently with them on fixed occasions. In house training your dog be sure to assign special verbal commands to different expected actions from her/him. Use short commands as "go potty", "potty here", or whatever suites you.This would effectively make your dog potty on order when he grows older. This is a sure way to house train your puppy.

Strike a feeding schedule: feed your dog 2 to three times a day, and at a set time- say, you be feeding your dog every 9am, 3pm and 8pm every day. You just have to draft the perfect feeding time table and follow it strictly for house training your puppy to go anywhere near success. You might fix the time to suite your kind of work or choice of time, but just feed him at fixed times of the day. This would make his potty (defecate) time much more predictable and easier to manage. It would help you know the period just when to take your puppy to its potty site as explained in tip two (above).

Treaths do the magic: Sometimes it's necessary to chip in some touch of treat to make your puppy get the point. For this to work, you should take him to where he did something wrong (defecated) and shout on her a bit - but don't cane her! This helps reinforce good behavior and will serve as a great reward in the beginning when you are trying to house train your puppy that eliminating outside is a good thing. Be careful with this technique though, because it could get counter-productive when you do it too much. It gets your puppy scared of you.

Positive reinforcement: Just like buying a bicycle for your five year old son for getting top grades would keep him up and doing, likewise giving your puppy a cookie, meat or a special select food whenever he goes out to do his potty in the right place would make him stick to the habit. Dogs are fast at learning by this way, and house training your puppy with this technique would be perfect.

There are many more techniques to house training your puppy. While the 6 tips above are proven and effective puppy house training tips, you should also take out time to find out much more methods. There are nice free materials on the internet and some great paid books you could buy to help. My best of dog training books that I recommend to friends is the 'secrets of dog training'. Hope you enjoy house training your puppy, and have success in molding her into what you want her to be!